Cafe Escape Number One: Macadamia Nut Brownie

It’s been so HOT here in Chiang Mai. Last year around this time, we left CM and went back to the US to spend time with family.

At this very moment, as I write this post, it is 38C/ We only have air conditioner in the bedrooms.  Which means the living room is super hot.  So lately, we’ve been leaving the house to get shelter and refuge in malls and cafe’s.  Yes.  It’s true.  You read correctly!

And I’ve decided NOT to cook dinner until it rains here in Chiang Mai. Cooking for me is so much easier in the morning when the kitchen is much cooler. I’m miserable when I go in the kitchen during dinner time.  So that’s it. No more cooking until we have RAIN here.

I’ve also decided to write about the places we’ve been seeking refuge on a daily basis.  I actually got this idea while I was talking to James of Nomadic Notes today at a Burmese restaurant on Nimmenhamen when we ran into him (I’ll write about this restaurant another time).

Today we are seeking refuge at Yellow Bear.  It’s on Srimanklajarn (closer to Huay Kaew). We used to live a short walking distance from here when it was a chilimango fancy restaurant with no customers and a yellow bear in the front.  At least I never saw any customers here.  Only waiters.  It was a sad sight.  It’s a nice little hangout with comfortable seating, air con, relaxing music and wifi.   Yaaay.  They have a reasonable menu for drinks and sweets.


We’ve been here since after lunch cooling off and using their wifi to write this post.   We also had a cold peach tea (60b) and macadamia nut brownie (65b). NOT BAD! They are opened daily from 7am to 9pm.

We’ll be back soon!

Oh, by the way, all pictures were taken on the Nokia N8 my geeky husband’s phone camera.  You may find more geekieness at The pictures turned out pretty good I must say!

Until the update from the next cafe, stay cool!


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