Happy Birthday and Anniversary, He said

Wow. Twelve years. Can you believe we’ve been married for 12 years? Happy anniversary, honey, I think we deserve a prize… Oh, we already got the prize, and she’s nine years old.

A., today is also your birthday, so Happy Birthday to you!!

I am grateful that you are feeling better, when at times you may have felt that your pain might last forever. I hope we can encourage each other not to take our health for granted, and really take charge of it.

I am grateful that you convinced me that living abroad in Asia was possible, as I can’t imagine a more fulfilling adventure for the three of us. It’s no longer just your dream, but our dream.

Life has not been easy for us by any means, as we have had our share of struggles over the years. But we have survived them, like we’ll survive the next ones to come.

You are an inspiring life partner, a terrific mother to our M., and truly the most selfless person I know. My life is so much richer with you in it.
We know how fragile life can be, and that we truly need to cherish what time we have, and each other.

So, happy birthday, happy anniversary, and I wish for us a happy long life together.

Love you,




4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday and Anniversary, He said

  1. Congrat on the birthday and anniversary. I can only hope and look forward to a similar future with my wife. You have 11 years on us but you show that the adventure can continue in a fun and exciting way.

    1. Hey monkey, long time no see! Just remember there will be difficult times ahead, but as long as you both weather the storms together, they will make you stronger as a couple.

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