Happy Birthday, MOM!

I’m sorry it’s been a long while since I’ve written on this blog. Today is a special day since my Mother is here and is celebrating her birthday with us.

We took my Mom to Pun Pun, one of her favorite (and ours) vegetarian restaurants here in Chiang Mai.  We first discovered Pun Pun in 2009 when we met up with a friend during our summer holiday.  We’ve enjoyed returning there ever since. We often go to Wat Suan Dok while living in Chiang Mai so it’s easy for us to stop in and have a bite there.  I love that they use organic ingredients whenever possible and from all the places we’ve eaten here in Chiang Mai, I believe it is one of the healthier choices for us as a family.  There are many vegetarian restaurants here and if you are a vegetarian, it’s easy to continue to be one here!  Promise. 🙂

Though my daughter, M, only wanted to order brown rice and a fried egg, both my mom and I suggested that she order something we cannot whip up in 5 minutes at home.  So she decided to have the veggie spaghetti and she did really enjoy it.  Here’s a picture of M with her dish and iced Roselle tea (this tea is quite sour by the way, in case you are wondering what it tastes like.  You do get some light syrup that you can add to your drink so it helps dilute the sour taste!)

My mom just wanted something simple and fast to prepare as she needed to eat before noon.  She ordered morning-glory, mushrooms and tofu stir fry dish and a tom yum soup.  While the stir fried dish had simple crunchy tastes of a good stir fry, the tom yum kong (no picture!) had all the mouth-watering explosive flavors from the limes, lemongrass and Keifer lime leaves.  Yummy!  And yes, I added my own additional kick to it!  It needed it! 🙂

For my husband J, he decided to order a salad because he usually orders curry there and he wanted something different and light.   It’s a good-looking salad, isn’t it? It tasted as good as it looked. That’s the long-bean, tofu and sesame seeds salad with light and creamy pumpkin dressing.

For me, I decided to have the Indian curry which was accompanied by two roti’s.  It was sooo yummy that I had to order a brown rice (in addition to the roti’s) to finish all the curry.  It was creamy in texture mixed in lots of crunchy small bite-sized pieces of veggies with a kick, though I added my own additional kicks to the dish!  Of course, I did. My mom thought it was super tasty as well. Don’t let this picture fool you.  It was one of my favorite dishes I’ve had there so far at Pun Pun.

We usually order herbal iced tea while we are there and I normally go for the ginger tea. Lightly spiced refreshing tea usually does not let me down with my flavorful dishes there.

For everything we ate and drank there today, a party of four, we spent a total of 300b or $10.   Yep that is all! It’s my Mom’s birthday after all! 🙂

It was a peaceful morning feeling the nice breezes on our faces within the walls of Wat Suan Dok just a short distance away from the monks who were chanting after eating their lunch right before noon.

And believe it or not, every time we are there, we run into someone we’ve not seen in a long while (an expat) and we did today as well. Small town and many expats (and locals) love to eat at Pun Pun.

Here’s a picture of us being silly after lunch on my Mom’s birthday.  In two days I’ll be celebrating my birthday.  What a lovely picture of the three generation of ladies in my family– a nine year-old, a forty-five year-old and a sixty-nine year-old.

We ended our early afternoon with a visit to Wat Lok Marlee and came home.

Thanks so much to my Mother for being here in Chiang Mai, for helping us around the house, and being supportive to us while I’ve been ill. It’s been a rough couple of months, but I’m glad I’m getting better everyday!

Happy Birthday,  Mom!  Here’s to another healthy year!!


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, MOM!

  1. Thank you very much Thamie, that was good lunch I had a good time and I am very glad that you are getting better and better. Hopefully back to normal before I leave and I pray every day for you. Also thanks for letting me spend time with my the one and only granddaughter M. I am enjoying my stay in the same room with her and help to dry her hair almost every night,listen to music, playing games with iPad. That is very precious time for me. Thanks for all of you, taking care of me and taking me around Chiangmai while I am here. I really appreciate it.
    May Buddha Bless U All.
    Love always

  2. Mmm, I miss the food in Thailand. It looks delicious. I’m glad you all enjoyed the birthday celebration together 🙂 And I can’t get over how big M is getting!

  3. Happy Birthday to your mom! That’s so lovely you could all celebrate together – they are moments to cherish for sure. And your meal looks delicious!

    Happy early birthday to you too! I hope to see you at the end of April. 🙂

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