Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary

Dear J, My Love:

First, let me apologize for I won’t be able to type for very long. It is important to me that I record this post for our family and for you, the first love of my life.

Thank you for an amazing loving 12 years of marriage through which we gained a gifted child full of life and enthusiasms much like us.

I love you for your amazing ability to find patience in every situation including sitting at the hospital waiting with me. You never complain about walking to the parking lot to fetch the car in this heat so I don’t have to walk so far.

I love you for being a thoughtful husband to me and a loving daddy to M.

I love your wittiness, your humor and your geekiness. I’m your biggest fan!

Know that I LOVE YOU. I always will!

Thanks for standing by me in sickness and in health.

Happy 45th birthday and 12th anniversary, my handsome Taiwanese-Canadian-American Prince!

Here’s to growing old together.





4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary

  1. what a great happy birthday and happy anniversary message 🙂 Enjoy your time together – and all the best for many more years together.


  2. What a lovely ‘birthday’/anniversary message. I send a Happy Anniversary to you both and a sweet Happy Birthday……..starting your 46th year on the planet.

    I loved the jokes………please tell M.

    Love to you three,

    1. Yes, that was a beautiful birthday gift from A; glad you enjoyed it as well. She’s very special to me, as is M. Can’t live without ’em! I will pass along the compliment to M, she’s a natural podcaster!

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