Thirty-two years

32 years ago on 27 March, A’s family left home (Burma) & arrived on 29 March in Houston, Texas, one of the United States of America, with only $35 to the family’s name.


4 thoughts on “Thirty-two years

  1. It truly is amazing the obstacles that people can overcome to improve and better their own lives and the lives of their families. Has A or the family been back at all?

    1. Yes, I’ve been back many times, and as recent as Jan 2012. Just got back in February. Hope to return soon, of course! Many thanks for taking the time to comment here Vicky! Best wishes with your travels. Find us on Team Chiang Mai FB page should you need more updated info. Cheers.

      1. Out of all the countries in Asia my boyfriend and I are planning on traveling to I am most excited for Burma (especially now that human rights and political relations seem to be improving). Everything I have read about it – in travel articles and from bloggers has talked about how kind and personable the people are and what a truly great experience it was to interact with them. Any recommendations/tips on places worth going to/seeing or even places to eat, experience local culture, etc, would be greatly appreciated!

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