Our Very Ordinary Valentine’s Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand

It’s been a long while since I’ve written here on our blog.  Last post I wrote was in December 2011 on Disconnect to Connect in 2012.  A lot has happened since then.   A more updated summarized version of those months to be written later, but today is Valentine’s Day (well at least it is still in other parts of the world) and I wanted to record a bit about how we spent it.

Actually, it was just another ordinary day for us.

M made some Valentine’s Day cards for some of her friends. She’s always doing something thoughtful for her friends like a note or a homemade card,or  something!!   J made lunch for M and took her to school.  J and I both spent a few hours on-line  in the morning each doing our own things. I actually taught a Burmese lesson this morning.   Yaay,  after almost two months of not teaching!

We were instructed by M’s teacher that we needed to bring oranges for M’s sport’s day tomorrow so we made our way to one of the markets here in Chiang Mai, in search of oranges (and coconuts).  We stopped at our friend’s restaurant, Free Style for a bite to eat as it was already lunch time.

My Mom and I had Shan yellow noodle salad and J had pork and garlic (a new dish we tried there).  We took pictures of our food, which is something we do often.   After lunch and a chat with Nong, the Chef at Free Style,  we headed toward Maung Mai market to find oranges and coconuts.  We not only came home with oranges and coconuts, we also came home with a load of veggies.

After returning home from the market, we rested at home (I especially needed to rest my right arm since I was in a motorbike accident recently, all by myself,  that banged-me up real good.  I was practicing. Sigh….).  Then we realised we needed to run to Tesco Lotus to withdraw some cash and pay the internet bill.

While at Tesco Lotus walking around looking for oatmeal, muesli and such J surprised me with these flowers and hearts for Valentine’s Day (I couldn’t keep them, I was only allowed to take pictures with them).  See?

Lovely, I said, and agreed for a picture for keepsakes like this post.

Then J insisted that I share ice cream with him, because, well,  it’s Valentines’ Day!  Really I wasn’t craving for ice cream but being the dutiful wife that I am, agreed, as it is after all, Valentine’s Day. And so, we went to.. wait for it.. Dairy Queen possibly for ice cream because I had to check out my options- it’s a Valentine’s Day treat after all.   We looked up on the menu board and  found this—–!  Trust me, tis not something  I would find anywhere else in the world!

Green tea and red beans shake! YUM!

It wasn’t so bad actually.  I really liked it.  Thanks honey for the adventurous trip out to  Tesco Lotus for this tasty drink.  Oh and for the record,  it’s our first time going to a Dairy Queen here in Thailand. On the way out of Tesco Lotus, I joked with J that I too have found Jeremy Lin—  in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

We head back home on our motorbike and got ready to head out for dinner a couple of hours later.   M wanted Japanese food so we  went to one of our favorite places close to where we used to live.   Nice filling dinner for the four of us where we enjoyed salmon teri yaki, tempura,  spider rolls, a pizza sushi for the price of 456b = $15.20. We splurged because we don’t eat out all the time. We could, but we don’t.

Sooo well, NO, we didn’t spend extravagant amount of money on each other.   I didn’t get any overpriced flowers or chocolates.  Who wants all that when I can have green tea and rad beans?  We also spent a nice evening together at dinner, even walked off our dinner at the nearby mall – Kad Suan Kaew.

It was another ordinary day!  Why? Because I spent the morning  promoting to the world and anyone who would “listen or read” about the non-profit organizations I work with here in Chaing Mai, their projects and their efforts, their needs via social media tools including our blog.  J and I discussed possible and potential projects we might consider in the future.  J told me something about phones, particularly Nokia, I’m pretty sure.  He tells me something about phones and stuff everyday. I responded to emails to individuals interested in volunteering.  I sent emails to our realtor in Houston regarding the set-up to put our house back on the market.  We spent time talking to our friend about how we can help her promote her new cozy restaurant (true humble beginnings, but a proud one).  And I read up on news about Burma (that new e-visa thing sounds good but prob not for us- go figure) and dreaming of the next trip home with my little family while J read up about more phones and did podcast tech review on Jeremy Lin.  I cleaned the house (a little),  did laundry,  talked to M about homework, reading, keeping her room cleaned, getting her hair trimmed, etc. while I made plans with my Mom about what we’re going to eat tomorrow for lunch!  And somehow, everyday, J manages to teach classes from our 2nd floor room with good internet access (thank goodness)  to a bunch of college students in US cities like Washington and soon, San Antonio.   So yes, it was another ordinary day in our household.

And in a nutshell, today was a good day like many of our other days.  I’ve had my share of bad days and I’ve had my share of woes and foes.   But I feel at ease and at peace that we are able to help and support others succeed in their journeys. We are grateful that there is a sense and a presence of generosity and kindness in our daily lives.   And we  are always in gratitude for what we do have in our lives – each other.

On that note, I wish you generosity and kindness not just on Valentine’s Day but everyday!

Video from KarmaTube


One thought on “Our Very Ordinary Valentine’s Day in Chiang Mai, Thailand

  1. It was good to read about your Valentines Day.

    Sorry to hear about your motorbike accident 😦

    That green tea drink looks amazing – and the flowers are too cute. Gosh I cant believe how cheap it is to eat in Thailand?


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