Burmese Palm Sugar Yogurt aka Dain Chin

I just returned yesterday from my beloved home, Burma .  I reunited with many of my extended family members during the  28-days I was there.  Reuniting does not go well unless there’s plenty of food around, and food we did have.

I, of course, wanted to eat everything.  As I sat in front of my cousin’s storefront which I did several days in a row in the New Bogyote Zay, I ate everything my stomach could stomach.

Today, I want to share a childhood drink that I’ve forgotten about until I went back to Burma.  I’ve had this drink several times there during my stay but I really wanted to get another glass before I left yesterday.  Time was not on my side before I had to be at the airport to return to Chiang Mai. So out of desperation, I made some of my own here in Chiang Mai.

This yogurt drink is called DainChin in Burmese. I love it so much mainly because it’s made with palm sugar and there is a distinct taste and flavor one cannot get in a yogurt drink made with table sugar. .  Yum, right?

The yogurt we normally find in Burma is not made from cow milk.  Though the yogurt I am using here in CM is not clumpy and sour like I would normally like, I settled for a glass of what I had in my fridge  this morning. Remember, you can make your own yogurt as well and I have a post that tells you how to do that.

We purchase our thick yogurt from Decheeso which is in walking distance from our place. And I like this yogurt a lot.

On our return to Chiang Mai, I brought back different types of palm sugar rocks (zee palm sugar made with plum powder; coconut palm sugar; and milk palm sugar) All very yummy!

I took a few of the palm sugar rocks and added water to it in a pot and cooked it until all melted.  Then I added the melted palm sugar to my yogurt. Simple right?

The palm sugar can be purchased at the Friday morning market I love to go to weekly. I was just here this morning.

If you’re in Chiang Mai and want to make this, can’t find the palm sugar rocks, give me a shout.  If I am here and available you can usually find me at the market every Friday morning.


2 thoughts on “Burmese Palm Sugar Yogurt aka Dain Chin

  1. Hi Avril
    Sat. Night and all of the sudden i bumped into your yogurt+palm sugar post. And we are leaving Thailand in 5 days…:-( No friday morning market for me.
    Is there another place i can find good palm sugar?
    Such a joy to read your blog. I wish i found it earlier.
    Thanks Idit

    1. Sorry I’ve not responded sooner. Thanks for your comment. If you’d like I can buy it from me and I can ship it to you. The palm sugar candies are from Burma, not made in Thailand. Just FYI.

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