Busy Week for this Family: And Family First, Always!

Wow.  What a busy week it’s been.

Last Sunday (8th October, 2011),  we signed another one-year lease with a new place (a house) close to M’s school.  We’re excited about the possibilities that the space will bring for our goals of having a tutoring center, being closer to M’s school and friends, having a view of Doi Suthep, space for family visits, and allowing us to have gatherings with friends for delicious homemade food.

Monday: we went shopping for groceries and appliances.

Tuesday: A went on a field trip with M’s class (20+ kiddos) as a parent chaperone to the King’s farm while J stayed home to catch-up on work,

That’s a bunch of 8 yo’s learning how to prep the soil before planting rice.  They basically got to become one with the mud!  They learned about sustainability and being economically self-sufficient (I don’t think some of them can even pronounce those words, but it was pretty cool still!). 🙂  They learned how to make paper, pottery, plant rice and most importantly, they got to ride on a buffalo.  What a cool field trip, eh?

Wednesday: we went hunting for appliances and paint.  Finding appliances was they easy part, but finding paint and supplies was a bit more challenging and adventurous.  So exciting-  DIY in Chiang Mai. We actually bought a fridge, a washer, and a gas cook-top for less than $400. Eeek!

Thursday: was parent-teacher conference day with M’s teachers. She’s doing very well in school according to Ms. Carol  M’s Thai has improved significantly this year thanks to Ms. Jane, her Thai teacher.

More about M:  For Halloween, the entire Year 4 class is prepping to scare the secondary high school students and they are using only recyclable items to decorate their classroom for Halloween celebrations.   This is a serious assignment and M’s has been planning all week. She is also the story-teller and the writer (Scribe is how she refers to the role) for Year 4  Assembly in November.

We’ve been unplugged since Thursday evening.  This weekend is a special weekend in away that we get to experience a little bit of Hollywood.  The last 3 days have been exciting and exhausting at the same time for our family. 

No matter how this turns out, we are thankful for the opportunity and experience working with a group of nice people from diverse backgrounds and different parts of the world. A lot more on this later. 

Friday:  we met up with a group of friends at Akha Ama for brunch and we are thankful once again that they are a part of our journey here in Thailand.

Saturday:  Another busy day with a visit to our new home, Wat Suan Dok, and Chiang Mai Food Festival.

Today, Sunday,  is another special day in several ways.  Last day of our mini-Hollywood-experience, but more importantly, we greet the first family member at the Chiang Mai airport visiting us in Thailand. Yee Peng 2011 will be that much more special with my brother’s presence here in Chiang Mai.

We are super excited for his arrival.

Message to M:  We begin another chapter of our lives at our new home in Chiang Mai.  Looking forward to creating a new space just for you in our new place.  Many play dates await.

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