Why am I excited about Nokia World 2011? You need to ask?

Would I want to attend Nokia World 2011 this month in London (26, 27th)?  Heck YES!

If I were there, I would give up on food and sleep, to absorb it all.  I would document everything I could on my trusty Nokia N8 (+16GB card, orange, had to add that), and blog like crazy for my ~5 readers.   I owe them that much.

On the serious side, I believe this year’s event is a make or break moment for Nokia.  With the mobile phone markets being so competitive, any phone maker needs to blow people’s minds in order to survive against the new iPhones and slew of Android devices. Just take a look at what happened to Blackberry since their lackluster new product launch recently.

The word on Geek Street is that the new Windows Phone 7 (Mango) devices will be introduced this year.  This would be the long anticipated launch that the mobile world is waiting for, and I would give my left kidney (and the other left kidney) to witness this watershed event.   Hyperbole? Sure, in the grand scheme of life, but an understatement for us mobile phone junkies and Nokia faithfuls.

Even if Geek Street loves it, will Main Street care?


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