Tech Video: Unboxing of Nokia N9

Sure, we are in the midst of moving to a new rental house this weekend, and I’m thoroughly exhausted, but with that sealed DHL bag sitting there for a couple of days staring at me, I felt compelled to finally open it and videotape its contents.  My daughter was my witness, and she just doesn’t understand why a video was even needed:  “You just opened a box, Daddy.”   Ah child, you have much to learn about geekhood.

In any case, I hope you find the video helpful.  I suppose I made the video out of peer pressure, as every tech blogger on earth and beyond  makes these unboxing videos.  So what makes mine special, or different?  I don’t know…you tell me if it is or not.

So stop reading and click ‘Play’ all right?  I need to get some sleep now.


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