Tech Video: Ancient Art of “Threading” Eyebrows

In My Geek Garage, no type of tech is off limits for discussion here, including the ancient cosmetic technique called threading.

Of all the places we could find someone who knew the ancient (I assume it’s ancient) art of threading eyebrow hair, it was in Houston, Texas, our old home town.  During our summer stay stateside, my wife (let’s call her “A,” if not I’m in trouble) made sure she got her treatment prior to returning to Chiang Mai back in August.  Well, here’s a short video showing the threading process.

According to A, there was no pain at all, and normally she would get her brows done once a month. It costs $7 USD per visit.  Now the challenge is finding someone who does this in Chiang Mai! (If not, no worries, it’s not like her eyebrows grow into a thick unibrow or anything…).

Click on the photo below to play the video.  Don’t doze off, because it happens very quickly!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Click on photo to view the exciting video!!

So,  do you ‘thread,’ or know someone who does?  What do they think about it? I happen to think it’s great.  It’s eco-green-happy-like, because no electrical appliances were used in the process, just some cotton thread, which I’m sure was produced organically, with no pesticides or chemical fertilizer or illegal under-aged migrant workers, and shipped on solar powered planes made of recycled aluminum.  On second thought…Al Gore might be going after the eyebrow threading industry now…


2 thoughts on “Tech Video: Ancient Art of “Threading” Eyebrows

  1. Threading is absolutely amazing. I don’t understand why they don’t have it in the west! It’s clean and easy and fast! I experienced my first theading experience in India!

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