Raising a Geek Child (M won’t admit it)

Ah, our M.  She’s into girly things of couse, like tiaras, wearing a tutu (just asked M how to spell ‘tutu,’ and she looked at my funny and replied, “How would I know?”  Love that), etc.  Anyway, I like that she’s well rounded (not literally): enjoys running around, playing sports, singing, dancing, and role playing (you know, like Broadway).

But, one of the things I love most about observing M, is her geekiness.  She won’t acknowledge the label, but her actions say otherwise.  Even back in the states, she learned how to use the Tivo remote nearly instantly as a preschooler.  I recall M teaching her grandparents how to use it, often losing them in the lesson.  She would get frustrated when she used other remotes (say, in a hotel), and can’t pause live TV.  Yup, she’s a geek.

 There's my geeky girl!  Of course, shot taken on Nokia N8.. ;-)

She knows her way around a laptop, YouTube (with supervision of course), my iPod Touch (don’t call it “iTouch”), and my Nokia N8.  She knows how to send texts, and using the turn signal switch on our motorbike.  Oh, she also is able to use our Canon SX200 digital camera, put it on a tripod, and record herself on video (usually a drama, or comedy, starring her stuffed animal pals).  Lastly, when I’m napping, M gets on Photo Booth and makes creative shots.  I haven’t even tried Photo Booth…

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
M on Photo booth on macbook


She was on Skype with her 9 year old cousin in the states, and M was teaching her how to use the share screen function… Wow.  M also asked me, “Daddy, is there enough internet so I can share my screen?”  😉

I like that fact that she has no fear of technology (like all her peers, I’m sure), and picks it up so quickly.  It’s a bit of a tight walk, trying to preach non-consumerism to an 8 year old, yet loving gadgets at the same time.  Seems a bit hypocritical, eh?

Do you have geeky kids?  What kinds of gadgets are they using, or wanting?  Geeky parents (err, Dads) want to know…


2 thoughts on “Raising a Geek Child (M won’t admit it)

  1. Yep we have geeky kids, not because they have the latest technology but because we dont own a TV. We have four boys (well we have five but oldest has moved out) and they all read books for hours on end, they love taking photos, and Videos to upload to YouTube…plus they love blogging!
    So I guess maybe our boys are geeky because they dont keep up with the up todate world (through TV) but do play with our computer.
    Your Daughter is so cool with what she does!

  2. Yep, both our kids (aged 8 and 5) can use all the gadgets, ipad, ipod, iphone,imac – that’s a lot of i’s isn’t it. I think kids come with inbuilt geekiness these days, ready to use any gadget.

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