Photos from our Balcony (Nokia N8)

Our apartment’s rental contract concludes at the end of October, and we’re not sure what kinds of vistas we’ll have at our new digs, so whenever the sky looks a bit interesting, I snap it on my Nokia N8.


The Photo Gallery Link from the home page directs you to our family (GotPassport.Org) photo gallery, and this subfolder includes many shots taken from various Nokias on loan from WOMWorldNokia’s trial program.  I have many more archived, and will add more folders there in the future.

Here are two shots taken from the same evening around 6:30pm.  In Chiang Mai, it’s rainy season, so clouds are pretty much ubiquitous.  I used “night mode” and took it without a tripod using the 2 second timer to reduce movement when shot it taken.  Chiang Mai doesn’t have a ‘skyline’ like most larger cities, but there are condos and apartments, most less than 20 floors tall, scattered around town.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug


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