In Pictures: J’s 7 flights in 10 days

Feeling a bit like Jason Bourne, I was flying to New York, Austin, then to Chiang Mai, with all departures on the day after the previous flight.  While M and A were already resettled back in Chiang Mai, I stayed behind in Texas for a couple of weeks to attend meetings.  Luckily, transportation and lodging were provided by the host companies, and I feel fortunate to have these freelance opportunities as a part-time professor.

I don’t think I’ve ever packed so many flights in such a short time.  Sure, 4 of the 7 flights were domestic, but spending so much time at airports was getting a bit repetitive.

In New York, I was fortunate to be one of four psychology professors to be invited to be on camera to shoot spots of us explaining various concepts–produced by a large textbook publisher.  Think TLC or history channel type interviews, where you look off to the side of the camera, as if talking to someone (in this case, the director).  This experience was all new to me, and sitting for 2 hours straight under bright lights was a mentally draining.  What I had to say wasn’t particularly difficult (it’s stuff I teach), but to maintain focus and concentrate on how things were phrased was more challenging than I expected.  All in all though, no regrets.  I had fun, tried something new, and many students across the country will see my talking head, trying to explain something fairly complex in sound bytes.

Here’s a cheers to my fellow Texas professor friend, Des, who, as a single guy, put up with the worst wing man ever (me, the married dude).  We had a running joke about us being the ‘talent,’ and why people on the street didn’t seem to recognize us.

In Austin, I participated in a 2 day meeting to help create an online Psychology learning tool that is intended to be free to everyone with web access.  “Like.”

Near the end of the video, you can tell I’m out of gas, as I took very few photos once I arrived to Chiang mai.  Hey, I was jet lagged, and glad to be back with my little family.

It’s obvious I’m an amateur photographer, and using a cell phone camera doesn’t help me gain street cred as a picture taker.  But, I enjoy the portability and freedom that comes with using my Nokia N8 (here’s my review), a 12 megapixel camera with auto focus, which allows me to take macros to landscape shots with ease.

I hope you enjoy the video, created with little fanfare on Picasa, then uploaded to youtube.  While I do enjoy these ‘work’ related trips, it was pretty clear by the end of the Austin trip that I’d much rather travel with my wife and child.  It’s just not the same, posing for a photo with the “V” peace sign all on my own.

Happily in Chiang Mai,



5 thoughts on “In Pictures: J’s 7 flights in 10 days

  1. Oh my gosh – 7 flights in 10 days! No way would I be able to handle that 🙂 I have travelled from Australia to England when I was 18 (that was a long time ago) and it was a BIG trip back then. Not sure how I would feel doing so many hours with so many flights.
    I love your youtube clip – those photos look good even if its a phone! Actually if you hadn’t said anything no one would have known that they were taken from the phone!


  2. Great video montage! Can’t believe it’s just a phone :O! And I hate you for showing the pork tacos pic. Miss Mexican food!!!!!!!!!! A lot. Yes, we have some decent stuff here….We’ll catch up soon, I hope. Welcome back 😀

    1. Hi Lani,
      Yes, catch up with us next time we have a brunch (or for no reason) at akha ama. We indeed porked out this summer back in Texas, and am glad to be back in the land of fresh fruits and small meals… Cheers!

  3. So glad you’re home with us honey. Life in Chiang Mai just isn’t the same without you, Daddy GotPassport. Way to go on those projects. They are so lucky to have you as part of the projects. 🙂

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