Family Fun Fotos: Baltimore’s ESPN Zone

In 2001 while both of us were working at a local cancer hospital in Houston, I had an opportunity to attend a professional conference in Baltimore. If I recollect correctly, it was a Bereavement conference at Johns Hopkins where I did a couple of poster presentations.

Back in those days while climbing the professional laddar, we loved these conferences for not only the professional, educational and networking opportunities, but also for the simple pleasure of travel to explore a new city in the US. It was nice to be able to take a few days extra beyond the conference to see that city and visit friends (we actually had friends in Maryland).

While I am not a big sports fan, J is a major sports nut.  So we got a day shot of J (See below) of ESPN Zone.

Of course we also needed a night shot.  Yes, I stood in the cold so J could get his lovely night shot of ESPN zone in Baltimore.  Can you see how thrilled I was to be standing there in the cold?  🙂

Uhhh.. 10 years later, I’m glad we got this shot, but damn, I still really don’t like the cold weather.

Now I’m wondering if ESPN Zone is still there?


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