My Thai Lessons In Chiang Mai Have Begun

It all started with M when she saw me teaching my student (in Louisiana) via skype the other morning.  That would have been my first class since I got back to Thailand.   Of course, I’ve taught him many classes prior to this one.   I’ve been teaching him since last year while we were living here and while we were back in the US.  Wow, I’ve been teaching him for a while now.

Anyway, back to the Thai lessons.  So for some newly discovered reason, M decided she needs to teach me Thai (And she recruited her BFF as well.)

The truth is, I have to start again somewhere, right?  Besides, other than “Hello”  “How are you?” “How much” “Hot”  “Cold” “Really?”  Really, Really!” and Numbers, I’m truly clueless.  Yes.  Khaaaa.  Clueless. I needed the lessons.

I had my first lesson today.  M, my 8 yo and her bff, Elizabeth, 11 yo, are my teachers. Yes.  They are  my teachers.

Here’s how it went today.  Just look at those enthusiastic smiles on those cheerful faces.

They are quite organized as you can see.  I was ordered to bring snacks!  I’m pretty sure they weren’t for me.  Those sneaky girls.

Why do I love this kind of creativity in children?

It allowed constructive time where I was included in their play time.  I was reluctant at first, and I didn’t think they were serious. But I’m glad I took the time to participate. They get to practice their own Thai skills by teaching me Thai.  I also noticed the interactions between M and E, where E was behaving like a big sister to M. This is good in that M needs that kind of role modeling from an older girl. They also learned that teaching ME requires a lot of patience. 🙂

So today, I learned the following worlds::

See = Color

See Champoo = Pink

See Meung = Purple

See Keioo = Green

See Dang = Red

See Daaam = Black

See Faa = Blue

See Luang = Yellow

Neung Loi = 100  ( I already knew that one!)

Neung Paaan = 1000

Neung Saan =10,000

Neung Lan = the biggest number according to M, or 100, 000

I doubt we’ll be using anything more than 10,000, but it’s good to know.

Talat = Market ( I totally knew that one!)

Kan = together

Pak = Veggies

Sii = To buy

Chop = To like

Mai Chop = don’t like

Teen Mo = Watermelon

Nom = Milk

Nam = Water

Cha = Tea

Ron = Hot

Yen= Cold

Sa-Praay = Sprite

Kaaa- fee = Coffee

Law = Alcoholic drink

I think they are planning lesson #2 for me, maybe tomorrow.

I’m optimistic.  I think we had a good start.  Khaaaaaaaaaa!








4 thoughts on “My Thai Lessons In Chiang Mai Have Begun

  1. Hi Lani,

    Great to find you here on our blog. Thanks for reading and yes, we need to definitely get together in person! See you soon. Good luck with the Thai lessons. We can practice together when I see you next.

  2. Adorable! And so good for the children to teach you. Everyone is a teacher. That’s my motto.

    I’m actually returning to Thai lessons today. Uggggg. Soo-soo (fight, fight!) OH and catching up on blogs 😛

    1. I was wondering if someone would catch that. When she was preparing the Thai lessons for me, she looked though a book a friend loaned to us. That’s where she found it. Hee hee and ironically, its pronounced “LAW!” And now you know too, Kyle! 🙂

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