To the Markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Visit #141

As I mentioned before, we go to the market very often here in Chiang Mai.  I try not to miss the Friday Morning Market if I can help it.

So today, M and I ventured to another one of our favorite markets.  We love this market because many of the vendors could speak Burmese as well.

It’s rainy season so it is super muddy in that market today.  Next time I go,  I may have to wear boots to fully enjoy the market without worrying about getting my feet so dirty and muddy.

I get happy when I’m in this market because I can get so many familiar foods here.  Today, I took it easy and only ate two things (both famous Burmese breakfast items) at the market.

But lucky me, I also found a few other things I needed and wanted. Yes, of course, I have pictures.

Fried Onions or Kyet Thaun Kyaw in Burmese – 5b each or .17 cents.  Usually eaten as snacks by themselves with a tangy sauce, or you can make a salad out of them which is what I will do, or eaten within Mote-Hin-Ghar.  Yum!

They fried them right there in the market.

Also got a cabbage because it’s good to have cabbage in the fridge.  I never know when I might want a salad or a stir-fried dish! 🙂

This whole cabbage cost me 8b or .27 cents.

Remember the chick-peas powder I was talking about, that can be used as a thickener for salads?  I found it at this market.  Helps that I can ask a question or two, without struggling like I do with the Thai language.  This is perfect because I make so many salads, I need this powder badly.  Tastes so much better too!  This is called Pair (w/o the r) Hmont which means bean powder.
Of course, this is raw so I’d have to roast them or cook them in a pan first.  But NO biggie.  That’s small stuff.  Yaaay so glad to find this ingredient for my salad.

I also found a favorite childhood snack I grew up with.  This one I believe is made peanuts.  Looking forward to opening it and sharing it with M. Great snack to send with her to school also.

Here is a dessert that totally brings me back to Burma.  This is called Shwe Gyi Sanwin Makin made with cream of wheat, coconut and poppy seeds.  Yummy as well. I’ve only seen this sold at this market and at other Burmese events.  Yummy, did I say that already?  It really is.  I buy this at the market, every Friday.  I’m sooo hooked! 🙂

For breakfast, I ate Mote-Hin-Ghar.  This lady in the market is super busy on Fridays.  I had to have some Burmese family I met at the market to help me order.  It is a famous dish in Burma.  It is a thin fish soup with thin rice noodles, garnished with ample fried onions, boiled eggs and cilantro.  Yummy!

I was happy with a very large bowl of this for breakfast.  It was a little too spicy for M so she only ate Pair Kyaw (which is fried split-peas, and as large as my bowl)  The pieces you see at the top of the dish are broken pieces of Pair Kyaw.

Well, there you have it.  Another successful day at the market for this mother-daughter team.

While you’re in Chiang Mai, be sure to give me a shout.  You can find me over at Chili~Lime~Garlic  Facebook Page or or GotPassport Facebook Page, or The Team Chiang Mai Facebook page.

Ask me, and I may just bring you along with me on a journey through the markets.

Until the next deliciousness of a post, cheers from Chiang Mai, Thailand.





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