M’s Favorite Place to Play: Kad Suan Kaew Indoor Playground in Chiang Mai


Being the only child is not easy. It’s hard on the parents too because she is constantly recruiting us to play with her. This was my biggest challenge when we were back in Texas without having enrolled her in a summer program.  I simply had to come up with a summer program of my own.

Now that we are back in Chiang Mai, we’ve had two weeks before M goes back to the local international school. The first week, she played with her BFF Elizabeth, most of the week.  However, this week, Elizabeth is back in school. And it’s been a challenge for me trying to keep this active child busy.

One of the places she likes to play is Kad Suan Kaew indoor playground. This is a playground inside the largest mall in Chiang Mai.  That mall is like a maze. I’ve read that Kad Suan Kaew is bigger than Airport Center or Airport Plaza which is quite spacious too, and newer.  While we’ve been to many other indoor playgrounds including Airport Plaza, Tesco Lotus and Big C around town since we moved here in July 2010, we found that  this is one of the largest we’ve seen so far.

It is NOT MY favorite place to go.  Why?  Well, because the noise and the light pollution is overwhelming for any adult.  Can’t imagine what their light bills are like. There is one particular machine that keeps screaming “April Showers!”  Its cute when you first hear it.  But when you are there for a few hours and there on an almost daily basis, it’s not so cute anymore.

And let’s be honest Moms, this place keep the kids busy and active.  That’s exactly what I need for my active 8 year-old who constantly needs to be entertained or be busy doing something. I hope she grows out of this stage, at least a little.  I have a hard time keeping up with all that energy!

I’ve taken her there a few times since we’ve been back.  At 30b an hour, it’s worth the walk to this mall, also known as The Central which is about 10 minute-walk.from our apartment.

Here are a few pictures of M in action at her favorite indoor playground.

Don’t forget to take your shoes out of these when you get ready to leave.  If you have a small child, an adult can go in to monitor your own child and of course, I recommend this.

I’ve gone inside with M as well at her request. I only do this when there aren’t that many kids in there.  Otherwise, I’m a causalty in there!

30b an hour is only for within the playground.  Everything else outside costs extra, like 10b each!

It is located all the way in the back and left of the mall on the 2nd floor.  You’ll pass a few clinics on the left and a store called “cute press” on the right.

Have fun!



6 thoughts on “M’s Favorite Place to Play: Kad Suan Kaew Indoor Playground in Chiang Mai

  1. Hi Avril,
    I’ve was following your blog before we arrived in Chiang Mai and am now about to ‘use’ your tips for the first time by taking my 1 and 3 year olds to this playground. We’re in Chiang Mai for a month as part of a year of travel and have found your blogs very helpful. Thanks!

    1. Diya, if you want to meet up with other mothers and kids for playdate, feel free to use Team Chiang Mai FB page to plan something. I know there are a few families that would prob like to meet up. Thanks for the comment. Glad it is helping other families. It’s a great playground. Haven’t been back there in a while, now that our daughter is happy playing in the neighborhood of our new place. 🙂 Welcome to CM,.

  2. M’s hair has gotten so long since we were there with you! I think I’m of the same opinion as you – indoor playgrounds are noisy and bright but they are a necessary evil! I hope she is as excited about going back to school with her friends as she looks in these photos

    1. Hi Tracy. Yes M’s hair has gotten much longer. She is loving school and seeing her BFF everyday (well, almost everyday!). Thanks for stopping by!

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