Family Fun Foto: Mesa Verde National Park (World Heritage Site)

Prior to our move to Thailand in the summer of 2010, we took a road trip from Houston, Texas to Los Angeles, California camping our way through National and State Parks.

We had no specific plans really other than that we wanted to arrive in Los Angeles to get on our plane to Thailand.  We love road trips, tent camping, camp fire, hiking and discovering the beauty of Mother Nature.  So going on a road trip was the perfect way to arrive in Los Angeles before our departure to Thailand.

One of the places we discovered during that road trip was Mesa Verde.  During each of our visit to these National Parks, M participated in the Junior Ranger program.

I get a giggle looking at these because the Rangers are so  very serious about their job and the swearing-in process.

Of course, as parents,  we use each of these as an opportunity to educate and remind M about our responsibility as global  citizens to take good care of the Mother Earth.

Remember to encourage your child to participate in these fun and educational Junior Ranger Programs at your local and/or national parks where programs are available.


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For M:  Happy 2nd Bloggaversary!

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3 thoughts on “Family Fun Foto: Mesa Verde National Park (World Heritage Site)

  1. I used to live in Durango and Cortez Colorado. In fact, I did archaeology on the Ute Mt Ute Res which is not very far from Mesa Verde!!! So glad you discovered such a special and beautiful part of the country. One day I’d like to go back…

    1. Lani,

      Yeah so much to see and experience in the US. We love road trips as a family and it was soo great to be able to drive through Colorado again. Thanks for coming by to comment. See you soon!

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