To the Markets in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Visit # 135

I love going to the markets.  I have no idea how many times we’ve been to the markets and groceries stores. I had to come up with a number for this series.  My calculation is estimated at 15 times a mo. x 9 mo = 135.  I’m actually thinking more than that because we walk to Tops Market often as well. I will stick with 135 to get us started. Hint: I’ve already gone to the markets like 6 times, to 4 different markets, since I got back to Chiang Mai, and it’s only been 6 days!

I realize there’s so much ready-made food all around Chiang Mai and I’ve loved every bite I’ve had. But the cook in me can’t help but want to– COOK!  I feel the need to cook and create in my semi-kitchen.

So this morning, M and I went for a ride (yes, on my bicycle!), to Talat Tannin market, on the northwest side of town, only a few minutes from Akha Ama Coffee where we stopped-in later to say hi after the market.

We were quite hopeful to find sugar cane juice, but unfortunately the vendor wasn’t there.  I’m patient!  I’ll just go back there later. When we couldn’t find sugar cane, we moved on and came home with these instead.  Let’s see what we got today!

Thin rice noodles were only 10b or .33 cents.  Also known as mote phat (Burmese) or similar to Somen, except in Burma and here in Thailand, these noodles are made fresh from rice. The noodles are used in the famous Mote-hin-ghar or fish soup. I made a salad with this today.  Recipe, coming! 🙂

Leaf lettuce for 5b or 17cents, green beans 10b or 33cents, and cucumbers for 10b or 33 cents.  I used these ingredients in my rice noodles salad.

Onions for 10b or 33 cents and cherry tomatoes for 5b or 17 cents

Fried garlic for 10b or 33cents

Fried fish is 20b or .67 cents.  This is like eating chips.  Crunchy and delicious with sticky rice and the paste I made from roasted tomatoes, onions and garlic

Banana in sweetened coconut milk for 13b .43 cents. This is yummy.  Eat it while it’s hot! Could be eaten as snack, dessert or breakfast (great w/ sticky rice too).  There are many food items that remind me of homeland (Burma) and among the many, this is one of them! M  loves this.  She insisted that I buy this at the market today!  🙂

How shall I describe this one.  It’s made of rice powder (possibly a mix of regular rice powder and sticky-rice powder).  In Burma, this dessert is brownish because we use palm-sugar.  But here in Thailand, it’s clear they used a lot of food coloring.  I normally stay away from items with, obviously, a lot of food coloring.  But then, I just got back to Thailand so I had to get some of this goodness. It is eaten with young fresh coconut shaving.  It has a texture of a firm custard or maybe similar to tofu a bit.  I love it because it’s not super sweet. M loves this too! The price:  14b or 47cents.

Oh and see the little green package on the left bottom corner?  That’s Burmese Masala – it’s great for curry dishes.  I paid 5b or 17cents for 5 packages.

We spent less than 150b or $5 dollars for everything we bought today.  I won’t complain. Not at all!

If you want to know what we bought the last time we went to the markets you can read more here and here.

In my next post, I’ll share a recipe on how to make the noodle salad with the ingredients I bought today.  It’s my own recipe from experimenting over the years.  You don’t have to be in Thailand or in Burma to make this dish.  I think you can make it too, if you have the basic ingredients.  Come experiment with me and discover new dishes!

Until the next  post, cheers from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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