On Enjoying a Fresh Coconut in Asia

Remember the trip we made to Talat Maung Mai Market?  Forgotten already?  It was just yesterday that I wrote about it! Sigh.

So M insisted on buying a coconut at the market yesterday.  By dinner time we were devouring it.  Lucky me, they semi-cracked it already still with coconut juice inside it.  Don’t know how they manage that, but it’s truly an art. I had no problem opening it either when we got home.

Oh and let me tell you, it was divine.  We opened it up and the juice was filled up to the rim of that coconut.  It was mild and refreshing.  Not overly sweet, just the right amount of sweetness.  At least this one was.

M enjoying er first fresh coconut drink since our return

We actually had a straw. But  it didn’t feel right using it so we drank it right out of the coconut

Once all the juice was gone, we went for the meat.  It’s a very young coconut so the meat was soft and milky.  Quite easy to remove from the inside of the coconut just with a scoop of a spoon.

See ?

Seriously, that coconut was so delicious and refreshing, I would have gotten 10 more had I known it was going to be that easy to crack it open.

Guess we are going back to the market soon.  And trust me, it was worth every baht of the 13 baht I paid.

Tip:  When you’re in Thailand, Asia for that matter,  skip those coconut drinks with 90% ice and 10% coconut juice in a tiny plastic cup.  Go get the real thing at the local market.  If not already cracked, ask them to crack it for you!  And enjoy every sip, my friend!

Parents: This should keep a kid busy for a while digging inside that coconut with their spoon!


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