Chiang Mai is Where We Call Home; And Home Sweet Home, It Is!

Wow,  just like that, after 3 flights equaling 23 hours, transit time of 8 hours, totaling 31 hours of travel with 70 kilos of luggage, and an 8 yo in tow, I’m happy to report we are doing great in Chiang Mai.

M at Frankfurt airport during a 5 hour layover before our flight to BKK

When we left CM, we really didn’t think we’d come back home with a lot of luggage.  It turns out that we had a lot of kids clothes donated to M from her cousins.  We decided to bring a lot the ones even M could not fit o Chiang Mai so that we can donate them to the Akha village kids in the coffee farm

Given that we’ll be moving into a bigger place in October, we decided to bring back some other items like the Wii.  M is super excited about the Wii and so are we.

We did have to pay for luggage from BKK to CNX on Air Asia since our flight was only to BKK. I was actually worried about how I’ll manage the large pieces of luggage in BKK airport and then check them in again to CNX.  Thank goodness for luggage carts, I didn’t have too many problems.

M at BKK airport at 6:30 in the morning

Though we brought Mort, (yes, Mort), with us all the way to BKK, somewhere between the restrooms at the arrival terminal to the check-in at AirAsia Counter, we lost MORT.  We were mortified.  Truly.  He provided us comfort throughout our 2 long 11-hour-flights and then we had to go and lose him. We are deeply saddened for this loss, Joel.  Thank you for placing Mort into our lives for over two years now. He will be missed, not jut by M, well, by her parents as well.

We’re happy to be home after a super summer in Texas.  It’s just natural for us to get back into our lives here.  We’ve had great Burmese and Thai food since we’ve been back and we continue to make our way around town to our favorite places one song teao ride at a time.

M has been playing with her bff, Elizabeth, since her return here, she’s forgotten to eat lately.  And that says a lot because, like her mother, she LIKES to eat!   Elizabeth and her family also went back to Korea for one month and they too just returned just two days before we did.  Of course, M and Elizabeth came home yesterday with a bag of foodie-goodies as a gift from the Korean family.  It’s going to be a tough transition for M when we move to a new place in October.  I hope Elizabeth’s Mom will continue to allow Elizabeth to play with M even after we move.

M and Elizabeth, BFF reunited in Chiang Mai (we arrived to our apartment around 11am, and they were playing together by around 2pm with the Play Doh set we brought back!)

Next week, we will be paying M’s tuition at school, purchase a new set of uniforms (the ones from last year are no longer white, they are gray), and get ready for a new school year in Chiang Mai.

Wow, this is M’s 2nd year of schooling in an international school in Chiang Mai away from her Montessori school in Houston.

All in all, we’re doing great.

It’ great to be home. And soon, we will make rounds to spend time with our friends and begin our search for a new home in Chiang Mai.

Oh, by the way, we’ve gone from owning 24 hangers to 40!  GASP!

Still not so bad compared to the useless stuff we used to own in our home in Texas.



9 thoughts on “Chiang Mai is Where We Call Home; And Home Sweet Home, It Is!

  1. Hey guys! I was just thinking about you and I ended up stumbling upon your latest post. I was just about to email you asking when you’re headed back to CM? Too funny! Glad to see that you’re back home doing well already. I hope to get back to CM this year, but if not, both Liz and I plan on relocating there fall 2012. Looking forward to seeing you guys again in the future.

  2. Hi… I just moved here with my family and I’m looking to get involved with Team Chiang Mai. We have 2 sons, 9 and 3. Tomorrow we go looking for International Schools, maybe I could learn from your previous experiences. Also, hoping to building up community – from reading your site you guys seem like great people. Thanks

    1. Brian, why don’t you email me and we can talk more privately. My daughter starts school in a couple of weeks. I’d be happy to share info with you. We just don’t share this info on our blog. If you have a mobile, my number is on Team CM info page.

      Welcome to CM!

  3. “we’ve gone from owning 24 hangers to 40! GASP!”

    LOL! As I hone down my own hanger duds in prep for my move to Vietnam, I’m presently at 12 and thinking even that’s a bit over the top. Still, when you LIVE somewhere for awhile (vs. perpetually backpacking from place to place), there’s a temptation to tuck in a few extra bits of clothing.

    1. Keeping “LESS is MORE” mentality in mind is a continual goal of ours in our lives. That includes NOT purchasing useless and meaningless things. I could have bought those extra hangers here in Thailand, but I brought them with me instead. Just out of principle. We had so many laying around in Texas not being used. Why NOT. I took a lot of clothes back to Texas and brought back clothes I knew would be useful and fitting here. Will be transitioning into a new home in October that will give us more space and needed for when we have family visit us. I also realized that I need a kitchen and want more space to share the food I cook. Oh the joy of sharing.

      Best of luck to you in Vietnam. When in CM, be sure to give us a shout. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  4. Seems like there are a lot of blogger calling Chang Mai home. What is the big draw card when it comes to selecting an Asian city to call home?

    1. Hi there Anthony,

      Actually, Chiang Mai was going to be our home way before we started blogging in 2009. For us, mostly because we really wanted to make Thailand our home-base to raise our daughter, immerse ourselves in service work, rediscover our roots with our daughter, and explore Asia slowly. BKK is too big of a city for us. We lived in a big city and we wanted a different pace of life. CM is the answer because of the climate, the people, the richness of culture, access to Norther Thailand and Isaan and Shan food. We love it here and it appears that many others love it here too. Come visit and you’ll see for yourself why this is such a cool and calm place to live.

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