In Pictures: Quality Time with Family and Friends in Texas, Summer 2011

It’s been more than three months since we left Chiang Mai and returned to Texas to spend time with family.  My how time flies.

I liked the fact that we didn’t just go for a weekend, which was our usual routine when we lived in Texas. For over 3 moths we commuted back and forth between Arlington and Houston.

Aside from taking care of matters like our home and routine check-ups at the doctors’ office, we spent a lot of down-time with extended family. We also had several visits with both A and J’s long-term friends from college.



M’s Pediatrician

M with her Pedi Dentist

A visit with friends and teachers @ M’s former elementary Montessori school in Houston

M and one of her good friends in Houston

I’m especially glad to see that M has had a lot of time to connect with her cousins.  Since she is the only child she really enjoys the company of close friends and her cousins.  As expected, it isn’t all peachy the entire time that they are playing, and that’s okay too!  (M read this and said “Peachy? I’m not made out of peaches and can you please backspace all that!)

M with her cousins

M with cousins and J’s parents (Ah Gong and Ah Ma!) What a great photo!

M and her cousins

M with A’s Parents

M with Pwa Pwa, A’s Mother

Visiting with friends’ and their family in Arlington

Another cousin

Reunion w A’s friends in Houston

Farewell dinner with family and friends in Houston

In addition to time with cousins, we spent a lotof time making routines around visits to parks and playgrounds as well as the museums in Houston

.Discovery Green Park

Yaaaaay.. I’m flying! 🙂 (Wink Wink) @ Discovery Green

M at the Health and Science Museum (Planet You, 4D Educational Video)

M the banker @ the Children’s Museum

 Houston’s Children’s Museum: Science project?

M the rock climber at Children’s Museum (She could barely make past a few feet in May.  By the end of July, she was able go from start to finish – 20ft.  Great strength building exercise)

M the Art Investigator at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

M the sculptor at Museum of Fine Arts Houston

M the ice skater at The Memorial City Mall

M the model at Forever 21 in the Woodland;s Mall

M got rid of the training wheels… wait, wrong picture!    Daddy!  That bike is way too small for you

That’s better.  Yaaaay, no more training wheels!

M read 4.5 books this summer and was “home-schooled” for the first time. She got rid of the training wheels on her bike and learned to be addicted to Wii’s “Just Dance 2.”

Just Dance 2 is a family affair!

Reunited and it feels so good!

M and the Wii

Thanks Family and Friends!  It’s been a great summer despite the heat in Texas.   According to M, “an AMAZING summer!”



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