Family Fun Foto: Being Mischievous in the Houston Children’s Museum

The Children’s Museum of Houston is one of the top in this category that we’ve seen and experienced.  It has greatly improved since we brought M there when she was a toddler.  Back then, it was a nice place to bring the kids, but the exhibits were fairly basic, nothing that would “WOW” anyone.

Well, times have certainly changed.  Without describing the entire museum (it will be done, just not in this post), one of the many fun things M loves to do is the photo booth, where you can get your pics printed for free (Well, it’s actually 5 Kidtropolis dollars)!  With money (cards) that M earned while “working” in “Kidtropolis” (a kid run city), we decided to have a little devilish fun with the money cards.


Dare to caption these glamour shots??? 

We double dare you! 

We highly recommend the one in Houston.  We try to check-out the Children’s Museums of any city we visit in the US.  There’s even a Children’s Museum in Bangkok. I have to say, not as impressive!

Our favorites in addition to Houston so far:  Boston and New Orleans.

Here are a few others in the Family Fun Foto Series:


Angry Birds

Mae Surin Waterfalls

Mae Surin Waterfalls 2

For M:  Happy 2nd Bloggaversary!

5 thoughts on “Family Fun Foto: Being Mischievous in the Houston Children’s Museum

  1. Your daughter is looking particularly devious in the last picture here. Very funny and very cute. Kidtropolis dollars…explains why the money is much smaller haha.

  2. Kirk, I tried to take a picture of him that day and I couldn’t because I was laughing hysterically and unable to stop myself from laughing so hard. It was a good day for the family like most of our days at the Children’s museum.

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