First Donor of Got Passport’s “Help Us Help Others” Fund: We Salute You For Your Kindness

We have been in the business of helping people for our entire career (that’s over 40 years between the two of us).  J as a Psychologist and A as a Social Worker.

Over the years, we’ve been able to give monetarily where most needed. For example:

  • Sponsored students to accompany us to Mexico or New Orleans (on service trips)
  • Purchased and delivered food and supplies for refugee families (whenever needed)
  • Took refugee families to the emergency room, sat with them, and paid for their medications when needed
  • Sponsored a 10 seated-table at a gala to raise funds for a local mental health organization (and invited students to join us at our table)
  • Donated items regularly for silent auctions to help with fundraising for different local organizations
  • Supported local communities and communities abroad regularly

These days we are no longer bringing in the kind of income we had as we did in the previous years.  We both left our secured jobs and took a risk to live abroad and to live a life filled with service.  That is exactly what we do in Chiang Mai.

We went back and forth with the idea of whether or not to include a very simple  “donate” button.  It’s taken us almost two years to finally give ourselves permission to do so. Maybe it was pride.  Maybe shame. I’m not so sure.  Because the truth is, for as long as we can remember, in our careers as helpers, we’ve been the ones doing the giving.  We still give dollars, bahts and especially time and effort when ever possible.

After posting the Volunteer Page, within about a week, we received a donation from someone totally unexpected.  Regardless of the amount, we were so touched by the very act.  That someone noticed and donated to help us. Yes, to help us!

Alex Taylor is the very first person to ever donate to the Got Passport’s “Help Us Help Others” Fund. She’s on twitter so please say Hello and Congratulate her for being the first donor.

Thank you, Alex, so much, for your kind gesture to support our work. We are humbly grateful.

We’re hopeful there will be others willing to support our work.  We will continue to record our donors HERE because the work we do AND our supporters who wish to see us continue doing good work are equally important to us.

Join us.  Let us do good work together.  Not tomorrow, TODAY!

J, A & M

“Much of what we do is like planting trees under which we may never sit, but plant we must.” – Brother James Kimpton

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