Mexico Will Be There Next Summer

It’s been a hectic summer for us!  We came back to the US in April instead of June, due to a family illness.  We knew we had to home-school M in Texas since school year was not over until June in Chiang Mai. But wait, we have M at home with us for three months.  That translates into me coming up with a plan to keep my ‘physically and mentally active child’ busy during her waking hours (trust me, if you’re a parent, you’d know what I’m talking about. And it’s tougher when there’s only ONE in the house).  That’s not all, our tenants decided they weren’t staying, when we thought they were for another year, and only just a few days ago, they decided they are staying for at least 9 more months.

Oh the drama!

One of the places I’ve traveled to often during my 30 yrs of living in Texas was Mexico.  My first trip to Mexico was in the early 90’s when the scene was very different in the Yucantan area than what it is today.  There was no Riviera Maya and Tulum was still in the jungle. While J was interning in LA back in 1998, we also had fun driving up and down the cost to Baja. Hmm wondered where those pictures are before the digital age.  (Note to self: Search for them in scrapbooks).   In addition, we’ve done a lot of volunteer work in the border towns as part of medical mission trips where we included and exposed many of J’s Psych students to the meaning of service to those in need.  The last time I was in Mexico was with my Mom in 2009.  But I want to go to Mexico with my little family. Next to New Orleans, Mexico is a place I enjoy getting away to and always want more of in my life.

Hint: Mexico or Central America or South America could very well be our next destination to live after we’re done in Thailand.

Naturally, I wanted to escape to Mexico when things settled a bit here in Texas.  Notice I said escape.  That’s my wrongful thinking.  I justified to myself that if we have tenants, we won’t have to pay mortgage.  Someone else is paying it.  That translates into a trip to Mexico for the three of us instead.  Yaaaay.  I even found great deals for 8-10 days in Paradise.  I had it all envisioned and imagined — three of us in the white sand, blue water as well as many cultural and outdoor activities.  I could use a few cocktails while relaxing by the water as well.

But the reality is this—  It’s more important to stay in Texas and spend time with family.  As i write these words, we discovered great news that a family member is responding well to treatment and we remain very optimistic.  As much as I’d love to see Mexico with my little family, I know Mexico will be there next summer.   I don’t want to keep us away from the time needed with family while we are in Texas.  That would be selfish wouldn’t it?

Hopefully, next summer we’ll head our way to Mexico, just the three of us.  And yes, we’re heading south the first chance we get when we get back to Thailand.

In the mean time, I’m comforted knowing that we’re spending the rest of our summer here with family!

Message to M:  “Always do right. This will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” – Mark Twain


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One thought on “Mexico Will Be There Next Summer

  1. That’s crazy – it’s apparent that Tulum was once a jungle, but I hadn’t read from anyone that had actually been there. I went two years ago and liked it – so unique. Perhaps Tikal will one day end up like Tulum (in Guatemala). It’s that kind of anecdote that guides my list of places to travel – Teotihuacan already has limited access (in Mex City) from when I went, and Ankor Wat as well in Cambodia.

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