Visits to Central Market After Thailand

When we were living in Houston, making a trip to Central Market (CM) weekly was a family affair (mainly on weekends).  We’ve been going there since M was an infant (she’s now 8 yo).  By the time she was able to eat solids, we went through CM and let M try all the fruits, breads and anything else they had.  It became such a routine that M really thought that’s where she was going to get her lunch on weekends.

Before we departed Chiang Mai at the end of April 2011, one of the things we did  was listing all the places we want to go back to including foods we want to eat.

Central Market was one of those places on the list.  Throughout our time here in Texas, I’ve been eating and shopping (for food that is), that perhaps I’ll share some stories on how shocked I still am about the prices, and how I miss the prices in Chiang Mai.

The reverse culture shock is definitely there. and for what it is worth, I am appreciating the pros and cons of both countries.

So back to Central Market. Here are some pictures of our two-hour trip when we went back for the first time after living in Chiang Mai for 9 months.

No blueberries in Thailand, at least I haven’t found any fresh ones yet.  These look great, but wow look at the price.  We use to gobble these up in salads and smoothies.  When I think about these in bahts, for example, the large box of blueberries would be 270b for each box.  Wow! I still bought them because M loves these and we’ve not had them in over 9 months.

Look at the size of those cantaloupes!  They’re almost as big as M’s head.  Is it just me? It seems American fruits, food portions, cars, houses- they are all super-sized!

The candy aisle was overwhelming.  So many choices.  This was just a portion of it.

There’s dry fruits, herbs, different types of rice, beans, spices, coffee beans and the list goes on and on.

Ummm, Daily homemade bread.  You can sample most of them too.  There are samples everywhere.

Unfortunately, there’s hardly ever any samples of these sweets. Darn!

Sometimes they even have wine samples.

You can even samples these dips and sauces.  My favorite is the Loooove Dip!  Oh, Okay, one of my favorites.

Then there’s the cheese section. Oh the cheese!

This is the cheese we chose that day and it sure tasted good. Since that day, we’ve gone back a few times and have consumed much more cheese. It’s been my goal to drown myself in cheese so well, let’s just say that is being accomplished!

But the truth is this!  I feel very lucky to be able to walk back into Central Market knowing I can pick up any pieces of items we want and can still afford them.  It’s not that we don’t have access to good food in Chiang Mai.  We do. And we are blessed in both worlds.  We really are.  I’m painfully aware that not everyone in the world can say that.

Truthfully, I’m mindful of how lucky we are each time I pick up a piece of anything to purchase or consume, whether I’m in the US or in Thailand.

Because here are the facts.  While October 2010 reports from FAO shows that 925 million people are undernourished, many of us continue to live and consume in the land of plenty and have access to plenty of just about everything.

Indeed, we’re the lucky ones.    If you are able to access this page from a computer and are able to read my blog, You and Me, we are ALL the lucky ones.

Now we can all take notice and take action, accordingly!








One thought on “Visits to Central Market After Thailand

  1. Wonderful post, and important message, thanks. Just seeing photos of an American grocery store, after traveling throughout SE Asia and now living in Phnom Penh, has been somewhat shocking!

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