Our Renewed Family Mission Statement

We’ve been in Texas since end of April for the summer.   Our time here has given us time to reflect and plan for the future here at the GotPassport headquarters.


If you’ve been following our progress, from our cross country camping road trips, summer vacation in Thailand in 2009, jettison of material possessions in Texas, to our migration to Thailand last year, you know it’s been a whirlwind for us in the past couple of years.  We started blogging, documenting and journaling our adventures as an online keepsake for our precious girl M.

We’ve had a chance to finally talk, brainstorm, reflect, consult with friends, about what our family mission is, and will be in the coming months.  We’ve learned not to plan too far ahead, as we try to focus on what’s happening in the “now,” and be flexible to unexpected/unplanned opportunities that come our way.

One of the first topics that came up was, “What’s our blog really about?”  It’s still about travel, and documenting our experiences, but it’s evolved into something more.  Perhaps too much more.  We started to add our hobbies into the blog, like A’s passion for cooking, and my passion (obsession?) for tech gadgetry.  So, we created the “Will Eat” and “Will Geek” categories.

In addition, we’ve always been service minded, and volunteering and assisting local community based organizations (CBO) was one the activities we looked forward to as we planned our move to Thailand.  Thus, the “Will Serve” category was created.  Since I’m an educator, and we are also M’s teachers for life, we added a Will Teach category to encompass anything related to teaching.

Frankly, we felt a bit scattered.  So, what were we really about?  What is our “Family Mission Statement?”

Well, after much soul searching, our mission statement became more clear to us.

We travel in order to explore, discover,  learn about people and their cultures.  No matter where we live, we feel the obligation (duty) to give to the local community. We don’t need a justification, it’s just the right thing to do.

So, here’s what Gotpassport.org has evolved to become.

A blog about preserving (for M)  and sharing stories about family travel, discovering and learning about new cultures, and seeking out educational and service opportunities for ourselves, and others who are interested in serving a meaningful cause.

We just created a new “Volunteer!” page, a central location where we can help others find meaningful service activities in the places we live.  All one has to do is fill out the simple informational survey, and we’ll begin the set things in motion.

So, what about Will Eat and Will Geek topics?  Our hobbies have discovered new life on new blogs: A’s food passion is now taking full force, with great recipes and foodie posts on ChiliLimeGarlic.com; and I have my own tech “garage” so to speak, where I can geek out on MyGeekGarage.com. If you love food, or tech, just follow us via our RSS feeds or subscribe via email from our sites.

Our evolution as a family is a life long journey, and we’re soaking up every moment along the way.  Thank you for taking time out of your busy life to learn more about what we do as a family.


J, A & M


We Say NO to Status Quo.

Live Green. Live Small.  Give Large.

Take Little. Take Notice.  Take Action.



4 thoughts on “Our Renewed Family Mission Statement

  1. I love it! And I really love your two new sites: especially A’s chililimegarlic (I’m more of a foodie than techie), which reads like you’re sitting in A’s kitchen, watching her make some awesome dish while you chat.

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