My favorite father’s day ringtone

Hey Dads, tired of your ol’ classic rock ringtones?  Or does your SMS (text) chime bore ya?  Well, on this father’s day, how about making personalized ringtones with your kid’s voices?

Here’s my short “How to” on recording your own voiced ringtones, along with my favorite one below:

  1. On many phones, smart or not, there is a ‘voice recorder’ app which you can use to have your kid record several ‘alert’ messages for you (this is from my Nokia E72).  Then click on options, which may give you the choice to assign the recording as a ringtone or messaging alert tone.  
  2. If you don’t have a built-in voice recorder, you can do this on your desktop very easily.
  3. Download Audacity, a free program in which you an record sound files, and export them into many formats, including MP3.  
  4. Once you’ve created the file, copy it to your phone, the way you would normally add your music.  It can be saved in your music folder, or any folder if your phone automatically locates mp3 files.
  5. Then locate your kid’s mp3 file on your phone, and find the option to use it as your ring tone, or choose this file in the ringtone/sounds settings.
  6. Now you have special ringtones that you can use on those special days like today.

Here’s the one I’m using today.




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