June 18th is International Picnic Day

I had no idea until today.  I signed-on to twitter and discovered the news (yes, of course, this is how I discovered all my worldly news? Wait?  Isn’t that how you get your news?). No, I’m too busy to watch TV lately as I’ve been sobusy running around being M’s Camp Coordinator this Summer.

Back to picnics. As a family, we picnic A LOT.   Mostly because we like to bring our own food when we are out and about and we enjoy it a great deal. Whether we’re staying put somewhere or traveling, we love our family picnics and we have them often.

Here are a few things we do for our fun picnics!

  • Keep a mat, a blanket or a towel in your car designated for picnics.
  • Use cloth napkins (we carry those on a daily basis, not just for picnics).
  • Use real silverware (we have these also to avoid using so much plastics. We carry a set on a daily basis)
  • Use reusable containers (we try our best to avoid plastic bags when possible and use glass containers).
  • Use stainless plates and cups to avoid plastic and paper.
  • Use stainless steel water bottles (the less plastic we use the better – teaching our children about being earth friendly starts with us at home and it’s 24/7).
  • Always have fruits (our daughter loves tomatoes and grapes, but we make do with whatever fruits we have).
  • Homemade fresh salads (I usually bring my cherry tomato salad easy to make and eat)
  • Homemade sandwiches (whole ingredients if possible).
  • Boiled eggs.
  • Cheese and crackers.
  • We bring our own drinks (I usually make fresh fruit smoothies, with my Vitamix of course.  We usually have this made in the fridge most of the time.  We just grab them (or transfer them into our stainless steel bottles).
  • Use natural sunscreen and bug repellant when possible.
  • Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer (it’s just good to have it for all occasions).
  • Be sure to wash hands when you have access to a restroom.
  • Bring a camera. Memory card?  Batteries charged?
  • We usually talk to our M before going out to let her know what our plan is for the day.  Sometimes that includes, we’re “going with the flow today!”
  • Most importantly, we try to enjoy our time together, and the outdoors!

Happy International Picnic Day.  In our household, everyday has a potential of being a picnic day!

What other items or tips do you have from your family picnics??




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