What I Use to Squeeze My Limes

This is super important you know!  Especially because of the number of limes being squeezed in our household.

A few years ago J (my husband whom you can find at www.CallingBubba.com or www.Bubbaisms.com also known as the geek central) and I use to volunteer with a group that crosses over to Mexico to provide medical, dental, and psychosocial support to the people living along the border mostly in abject poverty.. We recruited students to take with us that can function as volunteer interpreters and help wherever help is needed.  We don’t go on these trips anymore.  I wished we still could when we’re back in Texas, but it is no longer safe so we’ve stopped all together from taking a group of volunteers across the border.

During those trips, I would always make sure that I got my share of fruits marinated in lime, chili and salt. The vendors always used this really basic gadget to squeeze the limes into the fruit cups.  I was fascinated and of course, in search of the perfect lime squeezer.  I found one and paid only $3 for it.

Then my mother found out about it and asked me to bring a few back for her.  I think I bought a few back for some friends as well.  I think a bought a few each trip I made to Mexico.  🙂

I even took it with me to Thailand.  One of my favorite kitchen gadgets.

So now you’re wondering what it looks like??  Here it is- the reveal of my fancy Lime Squeezer from Mexico!

Have you found something similar to this?  What fancy kitchen gadget do you use to squeeze your limes??


3 thoughts on “What I Use to Squeeze My Limes

  1. lol…I have one of these but I have only used it to make micheladas (like a bloody mary made with beer and ample lime)

  2. A while back, they had similar gadgets at Crate and Barrel – they were lime-colored, and quite a bit more expensive than $3! I did not buy it because it was so expensive. I want one like yours. Maybe I can find it somewhere in Los Angeles when we go there in 10 days! I tend to squeeze limes by hand, or if I need a lot, I use a regular manual juicer.

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