Strawberry, Banana Lassi (or Yogurt Drink)

Enjoying a lassi, an Indian yogurt drink, is a childhood memory of mine.  Growing up in Burma, as a child, I ate and enjoyed a lot of Indian food.  Though I’ve never had a strawberry lassi, I was always happy to enjoy a salty or a sweet and sour lassi, and even a mango lassi.  Maybe that is why I normally don’t particularly enjoy eating a yogurt out of a container.  I usually just like to make a drink instead. And I make it often.

I made some homemade organic yogurt the other day.  We have lots of it in the fridge.  We had two overly ripened bananas and some strawberries that may go bad if we don’t consume them soon.

At my mother’s request, I made some strawberry and banana lassi. Both of my parents are enjoying the drinks with me now.

The yogurt I made was quite sour.  This means I had to add some sugar and a splash of honey to sweeten it a little.

It only took a few minutes and a quite healthy drink, don’t you think?.  I made a blender full of lassi, so I poured it into a large jar to keep for us to enjoy at a later time.

For us, as a family whether we were living in Houston or in Chiang Mai, Thailand, or traveling it’s either water, homemade fruit juices, smoothies or lassi drinks.  No need to have sodas or any other unhealthy drinks in our householdLiving healthy is a choice we can all make for our lives.

Now you can make some for yourself and your family.




3 thoughts on “Strawberry, Banana Lassi (or Yogurt Drink)

  1. Would you mind sharing the actual recipe? I am not sure if I need to add water or milk to make it more of drink. My children love yop drinks but they are full of sugar and not very earth freindly…so I would like to make a strawberry banana yogurt ‘drink’ to pour into containers for them.

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