Crunchy, Green, Healthy Side Salad: Burmese Style

We love salads.  Us, Burmese, can make salad out of just about anything.  As long as we have certain basic ingredients at home, we can have salad everyday.  We call this in Burmese “A-Chin” similar to a salad which literally translates into something “sour”

To a Burmese, salad (a-thoat) or (a-chin) doesn’t mean we have to have lettuce in it!

Remember the Yum Khai Dow or the Kyet Ooo Kyaw Thoat with simple ingredients.  Here’s even more simple! Good to eat it fresh and better not to have any left-overs.

  • Slice the onions real thin, in half-moon shape
  • Slice the cucumbers in thin slices
  • Slice the cabbage in thin slices
  • Slice tomatoes if you have them. Long and thin
  • Chopped cilantro if you have the
  • Chopped green onions if you have them
  • Chopped green chili peppers of course
  • Lots of lime.  We use key limes

You can make a salad out of any of the combos above with using onions, cabbage, cucumbers, or tomatoes as your base.

Yesterday, I made a quick easy a-chin to accompany the Coconut Rice and curry.  We used cabbage, onions, tomatoes, green chili peppers  and ample key lime juice with a dash of salt.

Sliced Cabbage
Combination of Cabbage, Onions, Chili Peppers and Tomatoes with Lime Juice

If you have left-overs like roasted chicken or grilled shrimp or fried tofu, all you have to do is slice them and add them to this mix for an entirely different kind of salad.   You will of course need some fish sauce and extra lime juice.

Now it is your turn.

Hint: If you plan to cook Burmese food often, it’s good to have a bottle of fish sauce in your pantry.  It will come in handy!





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