Cabot Vermont Hot Habanero Cheese

Since returning from Thailand, after living there for nine months, I’ve been craving for a lot of things.  A lot of food related things. I’m sure watching Food Network more than ever before probably does not help. (We only had two English channels in Thailand so we hardly watched TV the entire nine months we were there).

Naturally, when we returned to Central Market, for the first time since returning to Texas, uhhhh,  I went a little crazy.  I will write about our 2 hour stroll to Central Market later in a different post, but this one deserves its very own post.

I love flavored cheese.  As I was strolling down the cheese aisle (which seemed like an eternity) I found the above.  It really doesn’t use Habanero peppers, it’s all Jalapeno peppers, (shame on you Cabot), I still loved the taste of it. Bought a tiny block of it for $4 = 120b.

I promise I will not complain about cheese again when I’m in Thailand.  This tiny tasty block however was worth every penny!

I also like plain cheese.  I found a jar of Habanero Jam in my parent’s pantry just the other day.  I think they need my help eating that jam!  Otherwise, it’ll still be sitting here when I come back next summer in 2012..  I’m going to smother it on some cheese (maybe some creamy brie).  In fact, I’m going to drown myself in cheese this summer before returning to Chiang Mai, Thailand.

What kind of cheese do you like?


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