Burmese Coconut Rice

This morning, my mother was looking through the pantry and said, “Ohn Hta Min, Saa Chin Tae!” which means “I want to eat some Coconut Rice!”

So you can guess what we made for lunch today.  If you’ve never had it before, it’s an alternative to plain or buttered rice or fried rice.  Yum eh?  Here’s how we made it.  It’s so easy, you can do it too.

First, you’ll need some rice.  Please whatever you do, DO NOT use Uncle Ben’s or Blue Ribbon you find in a regular grocery store.  I’m a rice snob and I admit it.  You have to use good rice like Jasmine rice.  We used Basmati rice, which is not bad, but we normally preferred Jasmine Rice.  This time we were totally out of Jasmine Rice.  Whaaaaat?  Unbelievable!  Sigh…

Of course you’ll need coconut, 2 small onions and salt.  Oh and a Rice Cooker, you’ll need a Rice Cooker! 🙂  We used 5 cups of rinsed rice.  To this we added 3 cans of coconut (if you want it richer, 3.5 cans). A note about coconut milk: There are different brands of canned coconut milk.  I don’t particular like using canned anything unless we have to, but this is the only way I’ve seen coconut milk packaged in the US.

Be sure to add pinches of salt.  Towards the end when rice is almost ready, maybe 15 minutes later, add the diced onions to the pot.  Mix it up gently.

Let it continue to cook and you have a nice tasty Burmese style Coconut Rice.  You could even add sprinkles of peas towards the end as well.  (Make sure the peas are defrosted before placing them in the rice).

To accompany the rice today,  we made a simple, refreshing, sour and crunchy salad to go with the Coconut Rice and Curry. The Salad counter balances with the richness from the coconut and the curry.  Nice savory combination.

I’ll share with you on how to make simple side salads in the next post.  It’s common to have a crunchy, spicy and sour side salad with most Burmese meal.  There are some exceptions I’ll share that with you as well.


Hint:  Always make sure eggs are in the fridge (well in Asia, we just have them around, we don’t put them in the fridge).  Between rice and eggs, there’s always a decent quick meal!

4 thoughts on “Burmese Coconut Rice

  1. Now I am hungry for coconut rice! Too late to make it now but I know what I am going to have for lunch tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for sharing A.

    1. One of my favorite memories from childhood in Burma is eating coconut rice and chicken curry! Enjoying making this delicious dish!

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