Burmese Pancakes: We Call Them Wheel Cakes in Burma

This post was originally written at  www.GotPassport.org on June 2010 before I started this food blog in April 2011.  It belongs here instead.  However, you’re welcome to visit me at @GotPassport where we document family travel and service with our now 8-year-old daughter.

Burmese pancakes are delicious.  At least we think so.

I usually use Organic Wheat Pancake and Waffle Mix, because this is MY version of Burmese pancakes.  In Burma, we use rice flour. If you absolutely cannot stand wheat, then you can try the other stuff.  But come on- at least give it a try before you decide, eh?  :-)

Working on the original ecipe without boxed pancake mix.  🙂

Remember I make up my own recipe as I go – kinda like go with a flow recipe.   Don’t be nervous, it’s a lot of fun.  Besides, you have a basic pancake mix and you can go from there!  READY??


You will need the following items:

Wheat Pancake Mix

Organic Brown Sugar

Sliced Almonds

Poppy Seeds

Chopped Dried Coconut

Small Round Frying Pan

Olive Oil Spray

Here’s how you make it!

  • To your regular wheat pancake mix add about 1/4 of a cup of water.  The consistency should not be thicker than pancake mix but thicker than crape mix.
  • Maybe 1 tablespoons (each) of sliced almonds, poppy seeds and coconut to the mix.  Add the amount of brown sugar you feel is adequate for your mix that is sweet enough for your taste.  I usually add about 2-3  tablespoons of brown sugar to the mix.  We don’t make ours too sweet.
  • On low to medium heat, place the frying pan sprayed with Olive Oil (you’ll have to repeat this with each pancake so don’t use too much.  Just a very light coat will do).  Pour in the batter when the pan is ready (heated) and make sure you cover the entire surface of the pan with batter.   Now quickly sprinkle some almonds,  poppy seeds and coconut on to the pancake while the mix is still liquid-y in the frying pan.
  • Let it sit until brown on one side.  Flip it over to the other side.  And it’s ready.
  • If you don’t think it is sweet enough,  you can add maple syrup or agave to the  Burmese pancakes.
  • Be sure to tweak it the next time you make it so that it will be sweet enough for YOUR taste.


Of course the version in Burma is much tastier and has all together a different texture.  I grew up eating that goodness.  For now, unless you are planning a trip to Burma, you can enjoy Burmese pancakes or Wheel cakes with this recipe.

NOTE: If you are going in for some kind of blood test, be sure to NOT eat Burmese pancakes with poppy seeds.  Just saying.. this might cause you a bit of problem! :-)

Happy munching!




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