Durian Smoothie Goodness on a Hot and Humid Day

This post was originally written on our other site www.GotPassport.org on 13 June 2010.  I transferred it here to this blog because it belongs here!  Enjoy!

I know, I know.  Around the globe there is a love/hate relationship with this fruit.  It is, however, my beloved fruit. I grew up with it and I love it. It’s OK if you don’t love it, I forgive you.  :-)

And yes, I have heard of all the complaints and dislikes for my beloved Durian so if you are a hater, please, no ugly comments here.

So now that I have that out-of-the-way, I can carry on with telling you all about my delicious Durian Smoothie.

I am happy to report that we (at least M and I) will be enjoying fresh and in-season Durian once we arrive in Chiang Mai this summer (that’s in a few weeks!)  Woo hoo for that!  If you are a Durian lover and live outside of Asia, you KNOW how to access this goodness already, don’t you?  If not  here is what you want to look for in an Asian grocery store.  You can probably get fresh,  but very pricey.  Frozen was good enough for me, especially for the smoothie.  Umm Yum!

Notice that it is a product of Thailand!  :-)


As I have mentioned before I do not use a recipe necessarily.  Here’s sort of a guide to my delicious Durian Smoothie!

One portion of Durian (usually covered with a plastic wrap and there are at max three of them in one container).

Cane sugar to taste (not too much since the Durian already has a natural sweetness).  Some people like to use condensed milk, this is typically how it is made in Asia and restaurants.  I just like using cane sugar instead.  It’s up to YOU!  Agave is another choice.

A little bit of water to make it real smooth- not too thick, but not too thin either.

Throw in a few cubes of ice.

And blend away.  Won’t take too long to blend because of the texture of Durian.  Already smooth, silky and milky!  :-) Just make sure the ice is blended smoothly as well.

Now pour yourself a glass, you deserve a Durian smoothie.

NOTE:  In addition to enjoying it as smoothies, you could also make popsicles.  M loves these


Umm enjoy this delicious Durian smoothie goodness  on a hot and humid day.   We certainly will once we are in Chiang Mai, with FRESH Durian right off the cart from the market!


7 thoughts on “Durian Smoothie Goodness on a Hot and Humid Day

  1. I hear such high praise for durian from those who have eaten it that it would be remiss of me not to try it seeing as I spend so much time in Thailand. Thanks for those guidelines for making a durian smoothie, it looks very good.

  2. Perfect recipe Avril! There’s no need to add any more ingredients, simple and to the point – keeping the durian as the devout focus! I can already smell that sweet honey!

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