A Very Healthy Fruit Salad: The Fruity, Nutty Kind

We consume a lot of fruits in our house and we like it that way.  Personally, I don’t like to eat fruits plain.  It’s good to get creative from time to time.  Since I have homemade yogurt regularly in the fridge and a lot of fruits, it’s only natural to have fruit salads.

The easiest way is to cut up some fruit and add yogurt to it. But that’s a little boring for me so here’s what I do for a lively, tasty, party-in-your-mouth kind of fruit salad.

My choices of fruits in the house: apples, Asian pears, bananas, 2 different kinds of oranges, strawberries, and pineapples.

Here’s what I used.  Cut the apples, Asian pears, bananas, strawberries into bite sizes.  I used Mandarin oranges so there was no cutting necessary.

Place them in a large bowl.  Pour yogurt all over the fruit.  Drizzle some honey. Now add nuts and dried fruits if you have them. I used dried cherries, craisins, raisins, apricots (sliced), almonds, cashews and walnuts.  Normally, I’d add muesli.  We didn’t have any at the time I made it but it is certainly a good  item to have in a fruit salad.

This will give your mouth variations in tastes and textures from sweet to sour to softness of the pears to the crunchy nuts.  This fruit salad could certainly be a refreshing and healthy breakfast, snack or dessert throughout the day.

My thinking usually on food as a Mum is this: Why opt for junk food when this kind of dish is  so easy to make and much healthier for our children!  Ours is growing up loving fruits, veggies and salads because we make these items as part of our meals on a daily basis.

From our family to yours:

Hope your entire family enjoys this delicious and healthy fruit salad.

Healthy Eating Everyone.



8 thoughts on “A Very Healthy Fruit Salad: The Fruity, Nutty Kind

  1. We have yogurt with fruit often, but don’t usually make a fruit salad or add nuts. This looks delicious. I’m trying your recipe tomorrow! 🙂

  2. Personally I am not so keen on the walnuts but otherwise that looks a terrific fruit salad. Will gave that a try, sans walnuts! And possibly sans cashew nuts too, nice enough with chicken stir fry but I don’t think I would like them in this salad. I like peanuts but generally I’m not much of a nut person!!

    1. Peter,

      Thanks for stopping by!!

      Here’s the great thing about this recipe– you can leave out ingredients you don’t like and add more of what you do like.

      Enjoy your salad! 🙂

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