Cherry Tomato Salad

Today, I ventured out to the most frequented store by us while we were ‘living it up’ here in the States: Costco (more about this trip in another post).  One of the items we always bought on our trips to Costco was cherry tomatoes.  M loves them – she eats them like fruits.

According to the label, they are pesticides free and product of Mexico.  For a 2 lb , 32 oz (almost a Kilo) costs about $5.99 per box.  As usual I used almost a pound of them to make the salad.  It’s the simplest thing to do.

Just a reminder I don’t use specific measurements when I create dishes or cook.  Seriously I don’t!  Sorry!  I do my best to give you estimated measurements here.

Here’s how you make it:

  • cut the tomatoes into halves
  • dice garlic into tiny pieces (how many – it’s up to you!)
  • ~2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar
  • ~3 tablespoon of olive oil
  • dash of salt
  • dash of oregano
  • sprinkles of fresh rosemary (if not, dried flakes will do). I used fresh and organic because we have it the garden here in Texas.  Lucky me!
  • chili pepper flakes if you want to add some kick to this

My opinion?  Kick it! 🙂 Add the chili pepper flakes!  I didn’t add it here so M could eat it.  And there you have it.  You can use the sauce in the salad as a dip with your bread.  Great way to start a meal, eh?

Enjoy my dish # 2 in Texas, status-post Chiang Mai, Thailand!   It’s really like dish #4 or #5, but I’m not counting fried rice!


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