Back in the USA: My First Dish (Salad) Made in Texas

As you may know, after 9 months of being in Chiang Mai, Thailand, we returned to the US.  Yesterday, I wrote about my initial sticker shock story in an Asian market here in Arlington, Texas.  It’s reality.  I knew it would happen and to be absolutely honest, I’m not complaining. My life is still great despite my enduring the great leap of produce prices in Texas.

I promised yesterday that I’ll share what I made as my first dish after returning to the US.  Truth is I love salads.  And naturally, after we found 4 egg rolls for a dollar with the left over rotisserie chicken, I made SALAD!

I once said to a friend, you can make salads with just about anything- just make sure you have basic ingredients in your fridge at all times!  I suppose my Mother taught me well in the kitchen.

So here’s a quick and simple recipe:

  • Cut the egg rolls in to small pieces
  • Cut the chicken into small pieces
  • Slice onions, Chinese celery, tomatoes, and garlic (thin/small)
  • In a small bowl add squeezed lime juice, fish sauce, water and dashes of sugar (make this sauce/dressing according to your taste.  I usually like it with more lime for that tangy, limey, refreshing taste in my salads!)
  • Now, mix everything in a large bowl
  • Add whatever you need to make the salad taste to your liking.. you may need to do that even after you added the sauce or dressing

Ta.. da….!

BTW:  You can add either crushed chili peppers or fresh chili peppers to liven-up the taste.  I didn’t because I wanted my family to be able to eat it too~!  Training little MGotPassport to be a chili pepper liker~~

Burmese salads are my favorite;  well salads in general, actually.  I must have a salad in just about every meal– probably because I grew up eating it with just about every meal!



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