Wow, I didn’t know Cisco made the Flip… Wait, that’s not what I wanted to talk about.  Of course, another pure business decision, protecting the bottom line.  According to the Business Insider report, Cisco is trying to refocus their business strategy, and nixing the Flip is one piece of this mission.  Supposedly their reasoning was that smart phones will make this video only device obsolete, as smart phones were supposedly going to kill the compact camera market.

Well, what do you think?  Who’s going to miss this phone, other than pornographers, perhaps?  Have you used the Flip or similar device extensively (for non-porn use), even though you have video capabilities on your phone?  Was this a prudent move by Cisco, or should they have further developed this device to do more: e.g., more memory capacity, onboard video editing (does it have that now?), or wifi/bluetooth for easy uploading.

Again, I don’t use a Flip, so fill me in on what you like or don’t like about it.



P.S., the porn references were purely an academic exercise.  Nothing more, nothing less. 😉  Damn, I might get more spam now, though.



  1. Cisco actually bought out Flip for 590 million back in March of 2009 and within two years it flopped! Yikes… You know, I actually owned one of these things and I never could produce the HD footage that it had promised. The original idea was cool that is until mobile phones and iPods started coming out with great cameras and video capabilities… Oh well… FLIP FLOPPED!

    P.S. — Love the blog Bubba!

  2. Hey Drew, thanks for commenting on the piece. I didn’t even know anyone was reading my blog! 😉 I think there was room for improvement with the Flip (again, I’m not a user, just imagining) to make it profitable. Take the Kindle, or example, which was supposed to DIE after the Tablets like the iPad came to the market. Yet, instead of trying to copy, or assume the Kindle would die, Amazon made it better, and cheaper, and focused on its strengths. It’s possible the Flip could have been so good and easy to use that many who use video would have found it indispensable. Imagine if they made a water/shockproof version (did they, I don’t know), or accessories to allow one to record while running/biking/surfing etc…

  3. I loved my flip (It’s not a phone though) and used it, even for a while after the audio stopped recording for some reason. Got rid of it once I got the iPhone4, they shoot at the same resolution, and the only thing the flip did that the iphone doesn’t in video is zoom.

    I think they were right in thinking smartphones would kill that market. It did in my house:(

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