Thingyan~Songkran in Chiang Mai: The Water Festival

We dared!  We ventured out  into the city today.  It’s  unofficial day 1 of Songkran  in Chiang Mai (Thingyan in Burma).  After getting our bus tickets to Bangkok , yes, we’re leaving Chiang Mai for a few months, we paid a quick visit to Wat Sai Moon ( a Burmese temple) to find out more about the parade and we got our answers.

We decided we might as well just have fun with M’s tiny water gun while I take some pictures. Everyone was so very polite not to throw water at me while I was holding the camera.

Here’s how our day went!

Let's get festive... only fresh flowers.. no plastic please!
Go get 'em M!
Say "Thank You!" for the cleansing and the blessings! 🙂

Bought  a couple of buckets and a giant trash can full of water.  We got too lazy to keep going into the moat.  Besides, our business will help out a  local, right?  Right!!!  Then the guy brought out the biggest cube of ice and dropped it in the trash can.  He was filling up the trash can until the ice melted completely.  All for 60 b.   Mwaaaahaaaahaaahaa!  Burrrrr!

Sharing ice water!
Oh crap! He has ice water too

Daddy, I need more water.. I'm not wet enough!

Wat Prah Sinh
We want some of that chalk goodness on our faces too...

We ended our day, sort of, at Wat Prah Sinh to pay respect and to eat, again.  Heading out again tonight into the wild madness– once a charming city now has gone mad with bubbles, waterguns, screams from icy cold water and FUN, FUN, FUN.

So many childhood memories overwhelm me.  I’m happy and I’m thankful!

 Off to get wet again.

Happy Thingyan everyone!


19 thoughts on “Thingyan~Songkran in Chiang Mai: The Water Festival

    1. We did in Hua Hin for one day! Emma would have gone for more days though. She loves Thingyan and I cannot blame her. I did as a kid too!

  1. Hi all,
    Thanks for the kind comments! We were busy traveling back to the US, so we’re catching up on things like.. comments!
    Yes, it was an amazing experience, and we had a chance to glimpse not only the madness, but also the spiritual/religious aspect of the New Year Festival as well.
    Cheers everyone!

  2. That’s so great you get to be in Thailand during Songkran! I have always hoped that someday I’ll get to visit family there during that time. It looks exactly like how I would expect it to be. Water everywhere! There’s really no better way to cool off! Looks like you have to be prepared to get sprayed or dumped on at all times. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love the movement in these pictures. The camera thing is what freaks me out the most. I would love to cover something like this but I wasn’t sure how the camera would fare.

  4. Gorgeous photos and oh my does that look like fun. Great to see everyone getting in on the fun, it must be a great community feeling at the moment … a wet community feeling but a joyous one. So upset we are missing it!

  5. wow! I went to market, everyone is holding the basket with water. Imagine what happened to me!? I love Songkran, but I haven’t have food for my stomach yet 😦

  6. I wouldn’t have thought of this except that you have a picture of monks… Do people avoid throwing water at the monks? I assume that would be considered disrespectful. I definitely want to participate in this in CM!

  7. Looks like a very fun and wet day! Hopefully everyone was as pleasant about the ice cold water as you were. Love the photos and glad to see you went with the REAL flowers!

  8. Songkran is one of those events that’s on my very short list of things I really want to experience sooner than later. It was nice to get a taste of this year through your photos!

  9. Fun photos. We arrived in Bangkok today, and very excited about the water festival. We were just looking up stuff about Songkran, and then I saw you link on FB. (We finally have decent internet after months without in Africa…) Love the photos~ I’ll likely opt to leave the big camera behind when we find the water fun tomorrow.

  10. I experienced it in Laos a couple of years ago & it was sooo much fun! Loved it! It’s nice to see your pics, it brings back all these great memories!

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