Sunset in Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of the things we love about Chiang Mai and where we live is the ability to see both sunsets and sunrises from our building.  When we lived on the 8th floor, for three months, we enjoyed the sunsets and the ever-changing views over Doi Suthep everyday.  Then we moved to the 9th floor and we can enjoy the sunrise every morning (that is if we choose!).  I admit I’m usually asleep still by sunrise lately.  Still, each evening around 6:30 pm we could easily walk over to the lobby area on the 9th floor and can enjoy the beautiful sunset over Doi Suthep on a daily basis, if we choose.

Below is one of many sunsets we’ve been able to enjoy from our building.  Beautiful eh?

We Say NO to Status Quo.

Live Green. Live Small.  Give Large.  Take Little.

Take Notice.  Take Action.


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