Happy Birthday My Precious Girl

It’s been eight whole years since you came into our lives and they’ve been nothing short of  incredible!

Let’s go back eight years for a quick recap!  (Obviously, we cannot cram in the entire 8 years into this post so we’ll do a short and simple one!)

Baby Shower for M's Arrival. Texas, Feb. 2003
M's Nursery Made from LOVE
6 lbs 11 ozs-- Wide-eyed and ready to wander-- M has arrived!

(Yes, I know I’m looking a little more swollen than usual in this picture.  It’s probably all the drugs they gave me.  I was swollen head to toe after 15 hours of labor!  )

3 days after arrival!
Awwww.. the sweetest moments! Only 10 days after birth.
M and Mommy. Texas, Christmas 2003
Daddy's Birthday 2004
On Daddy's Day in Texas, 2004

Wow, how time has flown so fast over the years.

Unlike other birthdays when we have left Texas to celebrate your birthday, this year, it was right here in Chiang Mai with your friends.  I hope you know that it doesn’t take hundreds of dollars &  extravagant spending to  have a meaningful birthday.   Birthdays CAN be simple, yet meaningful (especially without a bunch of goodie bags with useless and environmentally harmful plastic toys).

Celebrating M's birthday at school in Chiang Mai. 2011.
Cupcakes and muffins for everyone!
All the classmates and teachers on M's Bday! Peace!
Hot Pot with Team Chiang Mai on M's Bday!

I’m so thankful that our lives with you have been filled with many meaningful experiences over the years.

Ms. Kat (your year 3 teacher) said it so nicely in our recent parent-teacher meeting.  She said you’re creative, energetic and enthusiastic, and yes, bossy too.  She also said you’re a kid who doesn’t follow the crowd and that you’re a leader and a taker of initiatives.  And this makes Mommy and Daddy very proud.  My favorite complement Ms. Kat  gave you is the fact that you’re thoughtful and considerate to other children’s feelings.  How proud am I of you once again that you have the keen sensibility to think of others’ well-being at this young age!

Post performance in "Fantastic Mr. Fox" First school play in Chiang Mai. Thailand.


Message to M:   Happy Birthday!  I love you, my precious girl M.  Stay humble.  Fill your life with humility and kindness.


We Say NO to Status Quo.

Live Green.  Live Small.  Give Large. Take Little.

Take Notice.  Take Action


11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday My Precious Girl

  1. Happy Birthday M. You look like you’ve grown so much since we met you in Chiang Mai. Beautiful writing Mum, I’m with you – if I wish for anything for my children it would be that they are kind and considerate of others and confident enough to not follow the crowd. You guys are doing a wonderful job of raising her and I can’t wait to see you all again in Asia soon.

  2. Beautiful! I loved all the early photos of you 3 together, and seeing her now with all her classmates. I wish we could have been there for M’s birthday party, but I’m sure it was a great time!

    Happy 8th Birthday M!!!!

  3. I loved reading this! What a great nursery, with all the characters on the wall. Ricky had the same blanket when he was a baby! Happy birthday to M from the 3 of us! She’s so lovely, strong and smart. Ricky talks about her every day!

  4. Thank you for sharing! A beautiful girl and a beautiful family! She already, I can see, has great compassion for others in our world! Happy Birthday!!!

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