Another reason to buy the N8 – Calling All Innovators Contest


N8 Contest – Calling All Innovators | Forum Nokia.

I’m not an app developer, yet (anything can happen), so what’s the big deal about this developer contest?  Well, as you’ll see in the article, millions of dollars in cash and prizes are being offered to app developers that will be marketed to the North American market, one of Nokia’s weak markets…  Nokia’s recent partnership with Microsoft to offer Windows Phone 7 Operating System on smartphones was a move to compete in the North American market, and many assumed that Symbian based smartphones would be left in the dust.

As this article shows, that’s hardly the case.  With this kind of investment to create apps for the N8, a Symbian ^3 based phone, we should see a greater number of nice apps to come in the near future.  Along with existing apps in the Ovi Store, this makes the N8 a legitimate alternative to the leading smartphones for us North Americans.

Check out my review and podcast of the N8 here.

That’s right, Bubba is an American.  😉


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