Let’s Hold On Together: For Japan. For the World.

Like many people, we were in shock to learn about Japan.   We drove up with our motorbike to the parking lot of our building the other day, and the gentleman in the front office told us “huge earthquake in Japan, you can watch on BBC!”

We actually don’t watch TV much since we moved to Thailand.  However, we’ve watched BBC international (the only English news channel we have) a few more hours than usual since the earthquake, tsunami, aftershocks and now, the meltdown of the nuclear plants.   We’ve been following and reading news stories on-line as well.

It’s very painful to watch innocent human beings suffer.  No matter where they are in the world. It just is.   And, YES, it is human nature to WANT to help in times like these.  Difficult not to.  Isn’t it?

My professional life in the helping profession, for most of my adult life as a Social Worker, makes me want to do more than read and watch the stories unfold.  There was a time when I was able to do something, and I did my best. We all did our bestBut I also knew deep down that like all other natural and man-made disasters, that came before on the other side of the globe,  for now, I could only send well wishes and prayers to the people of Japan.  And perhaps in time, we will also consider helping in other ways such as donations.

Dear world:  I’m sorry there’s so much sadness and hurt unfolding all around us, and around the world.  In difficult times like these, of unrecognizable magnitude, there are no words that could neither take away the pain nor the suffering.

And so humbly, we say —-   “Let’s hold on together! “

Ganbatte, Japan!

A shout-out to Leigh @TheFutureIsRed and Mike Lynch (in Japan) for saying what needed to be said. You said it much better than I ever could.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Hold On Together: For Japan. For the World.

  1. This disastrous even has touched the hearts of millions and now snowfall has made it more difficult to rescue the possible live souls under the debris.

    I just hope things can get back to normal for Japanese and missed ones can be found sooner. My thoughts are all the time with the families of the deceased and missed ones.

    Rahman Mehraby

  2. Dear God, it was heart wrenching watching all of the raw footage. My thoughts and prayers go out to those struggling from these frightening natural disasters.

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