M’s Akha Ama Coffee Journey

At the end of January, I went to the Akha Village up in the mountain near Chiang Rai.  I think I was the first kid to go  on these kind of journeys to the Akha Village.  We took a yellow truck, then another pick-up truck that took us all the way up the mountain.

We stayed there for nearly three days,  two nights.  We went there to learn about coffee.

We slept on the floor of the living room.  My mommy and I were in a house with three other ladies: Ms. Shannon from America, Ms. Nok from Thailand and Ms. Julia from Germany.   My Daddy, Mr. Ray, Mr.  Dmitriy, Mr. James, Mr. Kevin, Mr. Chubby and other men had their own cottages in the village.

We used only squat toilets.

At night we had campfire and look up at the beautiful stars.

We get up in the morning had breakfast and harvest coffee on the hill.    We had lots of Akha food including rice soup, brown rice, fresh vegetables, soups, and fruits.

We took a cold shower.

It is very dark at night.  No street lights.  We had to use head lamps or flashlights.  There is only one little school.  There are no sidewalks and no steps along the path up to the hill.

The villagers live on the coffee farm and they are coffee farmers.

I learned that it is very hard to pick coffee.    We had a long way to go, but once we got there to pick the coffee, it was fun.   I learned that a cup of Akha Ama Coffe comes from  a handful of coffee cherries picked by the Akha people from the village up in the mountain after many steps.

Mr. Lee knows a lot about coffee!


Message from the Got Passport Family:

Please support Akha Ama Coffee as we do by visiting the cafe, purchasing coffee beans as a gift for family back home or join the Akha Ama Coffee journey while you are visiting Chiang Mai (only 2 trips per year!)  You won’t regret it.


14 thoughts on “M’s Akha Ama Coffee Journey

  1. Was so fun to go on the coffee journey with you M! You made picking the coffee so much fun, and I loved seeing you play with all of the puppies and kittens around the village 🙂

  2. Wow! That looks like it was quite an experience. Also, I think my son, Max (7) is also reading that same book! Can’t wait to show this post to my kids. I’m sure they will be wanting to read more of your travels.

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