What to Do With Your Old Gadgets? Electronics Recycling Options

Photo courtesy of NYTimes

Electronics Recycling Options are Plentiful for Older Gadgets – NYTimes.com.

It’s Mindful Monday once again, and as a geeky, techie guy (redundant?), it pains me to realize that my thirst for gadgets comes at a great environmental cost.  The life cycle of any gadget, from a watch, phone, laptop, to a car, can be rather short, and what do we do with all that tech trash?

Here’s my question to you:  What do you do with your old (broken or not) gadgets?  Do you store them, recycle them, sell them, donate, them, or use them as yard art?  Do you consider how, what, and where these devices are made, and what kinds of materials go into them?  Do you investigate whether recycling centers or companies truly recycle as advertised, or do they ship their loot off to a small village in China or India for “processing?”

In future posts, I’ll include some of our tech choices, like the solar charger I recently reviewed (currently sun bathing on the balcony), where we keep the short life cycle in mind, to minimize their environmental impact.

Open Invitation:

If you love all kinds of tech, join our new Facebook Group, (search for) “Insane Geek Talk.”  Give A credit for incidentally coming up with the new name, as the old “Mobile Tech Talk” group didn’t quite capture the pure essence of our geeks’ madness.   For example, we’re contemplating how I can attach the solar charger to my motorcycle helmet.   So far we’re thinking velcro or duct tape.  How can you not join with this discussion??



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3 thoughts on “What to Do With Your Old Gadgets? Electronics Recycling Options

  1. i usually throw them away if they’re not working anymore, but it they’re stil usable, i usually sell them for a cheap price or give them away

  2. I usually sell mine on eBay before they reach the end of their life, but some end up in draws.

    I:m going to replace my phone shortly and it:s rough value on eBay is the same as O2 recycle so I’m going to get rid of it on there this time round. O2 recycle is for UK residents: http://www.o2recycle.co.uk/ well worth a look.

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