How to be Our Good Neighbor: Offer Food!

Hi all, it’s Foodie Friday at the GotPassport household.  Say, do you remember the image of decades ago when (supposedly) one would welcome new people to the neighborhood by giving them home made food?  “Hey, thanks for being my new neighbor, have some warm chocolate chip cookies!”

Well, we have a Korean family (No surnames will be used, to protect their privacy – but more so to keep them for ourselves!) that lives one floor below us (we were on the same floor initially, then we moved up -please don’t sing the Jefferson’s song…), and over time their daughter Elizabeth and our M became best of friends.  Then, out of the blue, Elizabeth and her brother Jekky would come to our apartment bearing gifts of home cooked food!

Just yesterday, a few moments before we were to head out for dinner, Elizabeth dropped by with a fresh box of pizza!  Okay, so this was one of the few non-home made meals, but we were so surprised!

Yup, it's a real pizza, even in Thailand

Well, after knowing our dear neighbors for almost 6 months, we’ve definitely developed a great deal of rapport.  M and Elizabeth play almost every day after school, and we’ve dined out together as well as attending festivals together.

But back to the home-made food.  Check out our Facebook album dedicated to the amazing food that our neighbors shared with us over the past few months.   The album is only a small “sample” (sorry, bad pun) of what was offered to us, but we were often too busy eating to take photos.

Do you have great neighbors who share food with you?  Please share your stories in the comments section.

Bon appetit!



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3 thoughts on “How to be Our Good Neighbor: Offer Food!

  1. You know, I’ve only had it happen once – when I was in my very early 20s and the couple was a few houses down. We used to cook for each other and hang out in their garage often. Sometimes people forget how important communities can be. 😛

  2. I had two blocks of cheese hanging in a basket on my doorknob when I returned to Madison last month. Plus the new people upstairs brought muffins to everyone in the building. But it depends on the food, right? As Homer Simpson once said, You can’t make friends with salad.

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