Got Passport Photo: Donating at Temples

No, we’re NOT doing a “daily photo” thing… We’ll leave that to the serious photographers; plus, we’re not THAT ambitious!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Top view of donation 'bowls' in Chiang Mai

For some reason, I really enjoyed this photo of donation miniature bowls at a temple (wat) in Chiang Mai.  It was taken on 5th December during the King’s birthday holiday.  You will find these bowls or referred to as “tha bate” in Burmese at most temples, and in lieu of just putting in your donation into a box (which there are several), you have the option of getting change (single Bahts or smaller Satang coins), and dropping them into all of the bowls.

M really enjoys visiting and praying in the temples when we visit, and her favorite activity is making donations (She never fails to ask!), and ringing bells, too.  I suppose it’s better than a seven-year old whining for ice cream or candy!  Oh wait, she does that, too.

Yes, I must mention that this photo was taken on the New Nokia C7, on loan from WOMWorld Nokia.  Click the photo to see some choice pics taken with this camera phone.

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